Mellow Yellow


New York taxi yellow
New York taxi yellow

These chairs are anything but mellow. But they’re definitely yellow. And I just love that song. If you had to pick a color though, it’s more like New York taxicab yellow. Or the yellow stripe I used to see on the train platform every day. So without further ado, I’ll introduce another vintage find that we decided to take home after spotting them in a salvage shop up the road. What did it for us? The simplicity of the backs, and the curve of the bases. Plus they’re quite contained, so they fit anywhere. And surprisingly comfortable to sit on.

At the moment they live in our bedroom, but we upholstered them in the same fabric as our blue chairs so if we need to, we can pull them out for a dinner party and everything hangs together. The curve of the seat also nicely echoes the curve of the backs of our blue boys. Happy coincidence.

Similar process to before – sanding down, priming, painting. This only took two coats though, so quite efficient. It was also very satisfying to slice off the black, slightly cracked vinyl seats and replace it with a cushy bit of padding and some soft tweed fabric. When we first painted them, I was worried they were too bright. But after a day, I completely fell in love with the color. It’s like seeing a bit of sunshine every morning – especially nice in a place like London! What do you think?


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