My Live-Style Challenge: Your City


Finding inspiration around us
Finding inspiration around us

What’s a My Live-Style Challenge, you ask? It’s simply a quick exercise to get you thinking about your style, and what you like. Today, we’ll use the cities that we live in, and I’ll throw some ideas out there with some pics I’ve snapped in London. Read on…

No matter where you live, the cityscapes and landscapes around you can be great sources of inspiration. It’s just a matter of seeing everything with open eyes, and then thinking creatively about how you would bring that feeling into a room. It takes a bit of looking harder than normal, and a bit of brainstorming. And maybe a bit of wine – with someone else, of course. I’ll be the first to admit that some of the things I come up with when doing this exercise are insane. But definitely good for a laugh. And more often than not, I come up with one thing that I really love that I might not have otherwise thought of.

Every single photo above is one I’ve taken when out and about – sometimes on the iPhone. Sometimes on the DSLR. I try to snap one picture a day of something that has inspired me. Sometimes that challenge is more difficult than it should be. But it keeps me looking at, and appreciating what’s around me. So how would I use these photos to inspire a room in my house? This is the challenge!

Pull together a set of photos – maybe five – that you really love, and you think go together in some way. (Or you can use the above if they strike your fancy) Then, pick a room and use the photos to think about five things you would do. For instance:

With my London board, I might create a children’s bedroom. The fluffy white clouds might be reflected in the bed linen I choose, or a clean, crisp wall colour. The street art might make me want to paint a big mural on the wall. Or if there’s a brick wall in the room, perhaps I would paint it a bold colour. Or leave it raw, and instead hang some framed prints of favourite characters from a children’s book. Or use it to inspire a quilt that would drape over a chair. The bamboo trees could inspire the wood in the room; maybe a smooth but distressed white wash finish on everything. Or a vintage rocking chair with a colourful cushion. The hundreds of hanging lamps might turn into a tonal colour scheme of bright blues and greens. Or I could be literal and decide I want to use a lantern as a lightshade in the room. As for the shot of the building, the lines might inform the general shape of the furniture – military straight.

I could use the same board to create a kitchen. Can you imagine the fun accessories the street art would inspire? I would head straight to Alessi to see what funky little salt and pepper shakers I could find! Or perhaps Le Creuset for some colourful pots and pans to use and display on open shelving. There’s no wrong answer – it’s just a question of how an image moves you. You’d be amazed at what will catch your eye and get you thinking.

Have you been inspired by the city or countryside around your home? What would you do with the photo collage above? I’d love to hear your ideas, and whether this worked for you. Drop me a line.


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