Buying: What gets your heart racing?

When you’re buying a place to live, what do you look for? A total fixer-upper? A place that’s ready to move in and make your own? Classic or contemporary? Open plan or lots of little spaces to hide away in? And what do you do to decide?

As first time buyers, my husband and I have gone through a lot to find what we like. We’ve actually been looking at property for a year. And we’ve found that sometimes, it’s completely irrational. We’ve seen plenty of places that SHOULD have stolen our hearts, but just never did. They were painted nicely, and perfectly good houses, but somehow it always felt like someone else’s home and we couldn’t bring ourselves to make the offer.

And then we stumble across a place that is an absolute throwback to the 70s. Neon pink and yellow walls. Red carpet. Crystal chandeliers and a garden in serious need of some love. And we fell head over heels for it. The potential of the space takes our breath away, and we can see through the amount of work it needs to make it amazing. But I’m sure our friends and family will think we’re mad for taking on such a project. But to each his own, right?

So what do you look for? How do you know what to buy, and what to walk away from? How much do you change a space once you’ve found it? What is ‘It’ for you? I’d love to hear! As for our little house, we’re in a waiting game at the moment. But if we get it, expect to see a lot of 70’s-tastic photos and some serious DIY up here soon.


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