Fab Live-Style


I absolutely adore Fab. So much so that I’m taking a moment to write about the site, even though this isn’t a paid post. I enjoy supporting smaller designers, and their little tagline perfectly sums up how I feel about the goodies on this site – they just make me smile. Who doesn’t want a home that makes you smile? I often shop here when I’m looking for interesting art work, or trying to find inspiration for how I would style a room. I love the individuality of all the pieces; a few things from here is a great way to add a bit of personality.

We’re in the process of bidding on a house, so the hubby has put me on an extreme spending freeze until further notice. If I were taking advantage of their sales, though, what would be in my shopping cart?

This Anatomy of a Bicycle print

This amazing little lamp for my future study

This lampshade to hang in the kitchen – if I could find it in copper, that would be even better.

This fun rug, to throw over my to-be-whitewashed floors

And this cute little geometric throw for the bedroom

What websites do you shop when you’re looking for inspiration? Any home sales that you always visit? And what are the pieces in your home that make you smile? Drop me a photo – I’d love to see!


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