Live-Style: Take me to bed

When it comes to creating a cozy space to spend your nights, what do you go for?

Crisp white linens?

Or a bold punch of colour?


Soft, romantic pastels?


Or charcoal greys and blacks that you can disappear into?



I find that the quickest way to update a room is to change the bed linen. Depending on the seasons, I might switch from cool linens to layers of warm woollen blankets and jersey sheets. Or shift from deep dark winter colours to bright, summery and bold. The great thing about the UK is everyone has a duvet instead of a comforter. So rather than committing to one pattern for forever, you can swap the covers every week for a little change of scene.

I like having little bits of bold colour around me (as I’m sure you’re discovering) so if the walls are bright, then I’ll probably opt for white or neutral linens. But if the room itself is white, then I am more likely to throw in lots of patterned pillows and bright patterns. Whatever your choice, it should be something you love sinking into night after night, and that will keep you cool and comfortable. I’m tempted to try some tonal mixing and matching too (navy layered on light and bold blues with a hit of grey, for instance) When I do, I’ll snap a picture and post it.

Linens can be expensive, which is why my husband and I tend to buy ours from TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US). They almost always have a great selection of high quality sheets and duvet covers. Sometimes it’s difficult to find full matching sets, but I enjoy mixing and matching anyways. One day, I might splurge and invest in this gorgeous cashmere throw from The White Company. I can just imagine using it to wrap up with a good book and the London rain splashing down outside.

What about you – where do you find your bed linen? Do you tend to splurge or look for cheaper alternatives?


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