My Live-Style Challenge: Wallpaper

Today’s challenge is a little selfish – it’s all about helping me overcome a fear. That fear has to do with wallpaper. If I’m honest, my emotions run far deeper than fear – it’s a full-on hatred of the stuff. Why, you ask? Well…

It holds odors. It gets damp. It peels. It fades. It’s a nightmare to put up, and nearly never fun to take down. That spontaneous dance party where someone splashed red wine onto the wall? It’s not coming off anytime soon. Unless you have that vinyl wipe-clean wallpaper. (Ew!?) The pattern at the edge of the paper never quite lines up with the next edge. We also discovered, much to the detriment of our holding deposit in the last place we rented, that our cats take great pleasure in sharpening their claws on it. (I think it’s their way of saying they hate it as much as I do). And finally, there is a LOT of bad wallpaper in the world – it often looks a bit like this:

1970s trip-tastic
1970s trip-tastic

Now, while something like the pattern above may seem like a very very good idea at the time (oh, look how bright and fun it is!) knowing myself when it comes to decorating, I might love it one week for its full-on quirkiness, and really regret it the next. A bit like those Marc Jacobs wedges I bought five years ago. Serious mistake. An expensive one, too. Whereas there’s something about paint. If I hate it, I can just paint over it.

When it comes to styling, I’m fully aware that it’s not just my taste that matters; I do try and keep an open mind. So when I was in a photo studio earlier today, and I found myself face to face with some kinda-cute wallpaper, I was shocked to hear my inner voice say – ‘Hm. I might like that’…

You may have seen it on my Instagram feed – it looked like this:


A black and cream illustration of a cityscape that definitely made me smile. I could imagine putting it on ONE wall in a small-ish room and then painting the other walls a red or a bright blue. Or even a canary yellow. Or using it somewhere unexpected like behind some kitchen shelves, or in a closet (a bit like having fun lining on the inside of a coat). So this got me wondering – has wallpaper moved into the modern world? Am I simply out of touch with the latest and greatest in paper-work?

So I did a little Pinterest hunt and found these two little gems:

1 2

Which left me feeling a bit more hopeful, but I’m still not fully convinced. Maybe it’s in what you put around it? Maybe you have to be a wallpaper-loving person, of which I am not (yet). Maybe I simply haven’t found the right one. Or the right place to use it.

So here’s the challenge for the day: I’d love to see any GOOD uses of wallpaper that you have in your world  of design inspiration (bad is just too easy, and I like to put positive stuff out there). So simply send a photo of your favourite wallpaper my way, and I’ll post the best ones for you all to see.  Or if you have any tips you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them. I’ll post the best ones along with the pictures!


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