Loosen up

When my husband and I first moved in together, we bought quite a few very ‘grown up’ items that were lovely, but in retrospect, not really ‘us’. I suppose we wanted our first home to look sophisticated, so we went a bit cold, stuff and generic in what we selected. (Vintage gold lacquered mirror, for instance).

We both spend a lot of time in hotels for work, and the sterility of the environments started getting to the both of us. So much so that in the last year, we’ve loosened up and traded out a few of those first purchases for things that are more light-hearted and fun, and add a punch of something unexpected to our home. Like this framed Marvel Comics Batman poster. The minute I saw it, I knew my husband would love it and to be honest, I did too. Something about the bold colours and retro feel that really won me over. For the moment it lives in our front room. When we move to the new place, I’m thinking it might find itself above the breakfast bar we plan to add to the kitchen, but we’ll see.

What about you – does your style veer towards more sophisticated or do you like to be more playful? Do you regret some of your first furniture purchases?



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