Shinola: Where American is Made

One of my favourite things about long-haul flights is the chance to burn through several magazines. The big, glossy publications give me so much inspiration, and I try to buy the lesser known publications so that I can find out about interesting start-up companies and less-known designers.

On my flight to Africa last week, I was flipping through Wallpaper* and stumbled across Shinola. This is a new American venture that has me pretty excited – not just because I love their style, but because I love their vision for the company: celebrating American manufacturing and craftsman. I love it so much, that I am blogging about it on my own accord – no paid-for posts here. 🙂

One of their first ventures includes starting a watch factory in the centre of Detroit; a place which really needs someone to invest in it at the moment. They’re also supporting other midwest businesses, like the Horween Leather Company in Chicago Illinois. As a midwesterner, I’m so pleased to see someone recognising the great creative talent that often is forgotten about in the ‘flyover’ states.

While they don’t currently have any home wares in their collection, I absolutely love the aesthetic of all their goods, so I’m hoping furniture is next on the list (please?). And I could quite happily style a lot of my home the way they’ve styled their HQ. Isn’t this cool?


In a time where so much manufacturing is going ‘global’, developed countries are becoming wholly service-driven, and mass-manufactured-cheap seems to be taking over, I love investing in items that are handmade and have a story to them.

So please, head over to their site and take a look. Next time I’m treating myself to something nice, I’ll be buying this pretty girl:

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 17.33.06


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