Inspiration: Where to Find It P2


Being pretty new to this whole blogging scene, I’ve found it tricky at times to find my way through the millions of great writers to the ones that really gel with me and my tastes. As part 2 of my Sunday post, I thought I’d share a short-list of other bloggers who I’m currently checking in with regularly. While they all have different styles and ways of capturing content, what ties all these sites together is that they’re manned by truly passionate writers, stylists, photographers and designers who clearly love what they do. And when you love what you do, that’s about as inspiring as it gets.

Some of these will look very familiar, some perhaps not so much. So here are my top 10 (sorry – had to limit it at 10 or I’d be here all day and it’s wayyy to nice outside for that). As for the people writing these blogs, thanks for the daily / bi-weekly / weekly doses of creativity. I hope someday to inspire you too.

The Selby – amazing, creative thinkers in the world + stunning, detailed photography by Todd Selby = absolutely awesome place for ‘how did they think of that?!’ moments.

Young House Love – I stumbled across this a few months ago, thanks to a blogging friend in the US. It’s a great place for lots of DIY tips, as well as clever ways to add some serious personality to your home on a sensible budget. All mixed in with some nice little family stories as well.

Emmas Designblogg – this is the place to go for all things deliciously minimalist and Scandi. Seriously, who knew there could be so much depth and variety in the colour white? Or monochrome colour palettes? It’s one of the longest-running blogs as well, so she seriously knows what she’s doing.

French By Design – a great site with lots of beautiful pictures from around Europe, and the world. Probably the blog I’ve found that’s closest to my aesthetic too, so I visit it often.

My Ideal Home – i tumbled into this tumblr page through Bloglovin. A lovely place to go for a great mix of images and modern inspiration for the home.

My Scandinavian Retreat – you might be noticing a trend here in terms of where I look for inspiration, but this is another visual feast for lovers of all things scandi. It’s a great mix of personal photos and sourced from other designers and architects. Plus you can follow her on Instagram.

The Dieline – Not an interiors blog, but great for keeping an eye on design trends and aesthetics. It features new work from global agencies alongside fresh creations from students, so is a great mishmash of all things creative. Also not a bad spot to find some stunning packaging-to-be-used-as-decoration (if it’s been launched)

Abigail Ahern – I found this stylish lady through the Telegraph, and think her work is amazing. Really visionary, edgy, smart and fun to read as well. Any Brits reading this, definitely check out her range for Debenhams. Looks like there’s some seriously stylish stuff about to launch.

Apartment Therapy – So many posts I can barely keep up! But an amazing source for all things home related. And their ‘Small but Cool’ contest is a great place to look for inspiration from everyday people who manage to jam-pack their urban pads with loads of character and clever space-saving solutions

My Friend’s House – A super-relaxed blog that shows a great mix of places to find stuff, and also down to earth interiors that are exciting as well. A little unexpected, a little off the beaten track, and absolutely perfect for both of those reasons.

What are your favourite blogs to visit for inspiration? Anyone you would recommend I check out? Wishing everyone a lovely and relaxing Sunday!


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