I (don’t) love lamp

My husband and I are in furniture planning mode for the new place. Unlike Brick in Anchorman, I cannot find lamps that I love. I adore the type of soft lighting that they cast and much prefer them to inset ceiling lights or chandeliers at night, but find it impossible to pin down a style that isn’t too… something. So apologies in advance for the self-centred nature of this blog, but hey – we all have that one ‘thing’ that we can never quite get right – right?

Exhibit A:


Not really a fan of the clear glass base OR the grainy texture of the lampshade. (Hello dust). It reminds me of some seriously old school lampshades that somehow survived my childhood. And my father’s childhood. And it’s just a bit… well… topheavy. A big head on a very small body. But then lots of lampshades feel that way to me – totally incongruous with their bases.

Exhibit B:


You won’t be too surprised, given my love for industrial touches, but I do really like Anglepoise-style lamps. They’re colourful, cute and remind me of the tiny bouncing Pixar lamps, which always make me smile. There’s a few catches tho – I only like them for desks or side tables. The oversized ones for the floor just loose their personality for me and feel like big, awkward giants. I also think this style of lamp is one of those ‘feature’ items – more than one in a room turns into overkill. Sadly we already have one of these little guys in chrome, so another one is out.

Exhibit C:


Anything too ornate or bling has me running the other way. And granted this may be a particularly special example, but I just can’t get into bases that are so Napoleon-esque. In the context of the rest of our style, something like this would seriously take over a room.

Exhibit D:


Ikea has managed to bring back the standing paper lamp. And while I love the warm glow they cast, they just don’t do anything for me. Too retro I suppose, and also too much lampshade. Plus with our little cats running around, I can imagine it shredded in no time. After all, it does look a bit like a scratching post… yeah, never buying one of those.

And finally – Exhibit E:


I SHOULD love these, but at the moment I see them everywhere so am resisting the urge to follow the pack. The arch, the clean line, the curved shade, the chrome detailing – all these things I do really like. But I am not head-over-heels in love here – I’m merely interested. And I hate feeling like I have one of ‘those’ lamps. I’d rather keep my eye out for something totally unique that has a similar aesthetic. But… what that is, I really don’t know.

So there you go – five lamps and five reasons why they won’t work for us. Just writing about this has helped a bit – I think I have a fabric lamp-shade phobia. (Do those exist?) And am not a fan of the mismatched top and bottom aesthetic either. They may work just fine for other homes, but for some reason I just can’t bring one of those into our home and feel happy with the purchase. So we’re still on the hunt, and will be for awhile… any recommendations would be very welcome! Designers, shops, online outlets, lamp gurus – you name it, we will look at it!

As for you, what items do you have a hard time finding? How do you overcome your mental block? And who do you turn to when there just seems to be nothing that works?


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