Second Life

As you’ve probably noticed, my husband and I like giving old pieces of furniture a second life in our home. We both love the feel of old, handcrafted wood and sleek Danish design. And the fact that there’s probably an interesting story behind each piece makes us pretty happy too. But to keep things from feeling too old, we tend to either refinish them, or mix them up with more modern accents.  

So when we were looking for a new bedside table, we hunted around a few thrift shops in the area, rather than head to a major retailer. Our first stop was The Junk Shop in Greenwich.

One of our favourite thrift shops in Greenwich
One of our favourite thrift shops in Greenwich

 If you’re looking for amazing old furniture, along with old memorabilia, this place is a great one to visit. It’s been in the area for years, and the collection of owners are lovely. It didn’t disappoint; we ended up taking home this little piano bench. It may not be Danish, but we loved it anyways. 

Giving an old piano bench a second life
Giving an old piano bench a second life

When I was growing up, I played the piano. As did my dad. As did my grandparents. We had an old, upright in the house that was almost the exact same colour. So whenever I look at it, I’m reminded of that part of my childhood, and the classical music that I was taught to appreciate.

The seat height is adjustable by twisting the little knobs on the side, so we could put it at the perfect height for our current bed…


And the colour of the wood is exactly what we were looking for – not too dark or too light. Because it’s adjustable, the metalworks underneath make it weigh an absolute ton, but we love the heavyness and craftsmanship of it. A little secret that you only discover when you flip it over. 

To make sure it didn’t feel too piano-benchy, we’ve styled it up with a few accessories… 


A neutral lamp (back from my scared-to-be-bold homeware days, which I will be spray painting a zingy color when we move to the new place), a photo of me and my two best friends (since it’s on my side of the bed, a girly pink frame felt right),  a framed wedding photo, an amazing smelly candle I picked up from TK Maxx on sale. Behind those photos we’ve hidden an iPod dock so we can play music in the bedroom. The final touch is a piece of marble I picked up as a free sample from a stoneware shop, which I use as a coaster for my tea and coffee. (I was shopping for bathroom flooring for our new house; I just picked up a few extra options to see at home and it’s a shame for them to go to waste… right?) 

So that’s another piece of our home that may be a touch unexpected, but has meaning for both of us. And is much more fun than a typical flatpack piece. 

What about you – any items you’ve rescued and given a second use? 


4 thoughts on “Second Life

  1. For a while we used an old wooden magazine rack painted in a dark metallic finish as a side table for a living room chair. It was turned on its side with the books and magazines pointing out, so it still worked to hold those items, and was just the right height for the table. I set a beautiful flat glass tray on top to protect the wood and give some reflection/shine to it.

  2. Oh, yes, I forgot one thing we currently are re-purposing. It is a WWII ammo box that we are using along side a chair in the family room for a place to set a cup of coffee or wine near the fireplace. It is a bit rustic but I couldn’t bear to discard it. It was Grandpa Lloyd’s.

  3. I love this! What a great repurpose, and makes me miss you even more. My current favorite in our house is the gorgeous old pocket door we are using as our headboard.

  4. Send me a pic and I’ll pop it up here – I love it too! 🙂 xx

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