Live-Style Challenge: Getting (typo)Graphic

It’s Monday, and we all need a little creative challenge to get us through the week – right? So here we go…

Typographic art is a big trend at the moment, and something that’s very easy and straightforward to tackle on your own. If you’re not feeling artistic, it’s also an easy one to ask a local artist to help you with. So this week’s challenge is all about getting some lovely thought-provoking text up on the walls of your home. How do you decide what’s right?

First, have a think about different lyrics, books, characters, places, films – anything with some words in it that have meaning to you, and that you emotionally connect with every time you see them. Try taping a few of your favourite phrases up on the bathroom mirror or inside a kitchen cabinet. If you’re tired of them after a few days, it probably means you should keep looking. But if you pause to think or smile every time you see them, then I’d say go for it.

You’ve got your words, so now it’s time to think about where you might like to see those words every day. This may not be the artwork’s permanent home, but at least it will help you to focus and start somewhere. Think about what type of mood those words put you in – is this how you want to feel first thing in the morning or last thing at night? Or while you’re cooking? Or trying to relax and watch tv? Challenge yourself to think about when you’re most happy to see them, and whichever room you tend to be in at that time is the place to start.

Now, think about size and texture. What is the style of the room that you’re targeting – slick and modern, or more relaxed and rustic? Is there a lot of other art on the walls, or will this be the centrepiece? The length of the text you choose may dictate the size you decide to go. This should be something you could appreciate from across the room, as well as standing near it. So if you’re trying to fit some words into an 8×10 frame, limit yourself to no more than 6 or seven words max. As for the final details – do you want something in a frame, or painted directly on to rustic wood? Is this a canvas with fabric and paper added for texture? If you’re commissioning someone to do the work, jot down your answers and spend some time with the artist talking them through your thoughts. If you’re going to do it yourself, this step is all about getting a plan down on paper before you launch into it. The beauty of doing it yourself is you can always change it or start over if it’s not looking the way you wanted.  But it will cost time, money and energy.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be creating a piece that will live in our bedroom at the new house. It is going to feature one of the poems read at our wedding five years ago, and I’m thinking it will live over the bed. I’ll update you on the details of that project soon, but for the moment I’m trying to work out the style of typography I want to use. In the meantime, here are some of my favourites from Pinterest. (Where else?)

Layered text on text
Layered text on text
Penny Farthing Design House
Penny Farthing Design House
Fun and relaxed
Fun and relaxed


Subway Art
Subway Art

1 thought on “Live-Style Challenge: Getting (typo)Graphic

  1. For our new home, a friend had a piece made for us that she wanted us to hang over the front door. I created a phrase for her and she had an artist do the calligraphy. It says “Friends come with time to spend and leave upon having purchased fond memories.” Debra Eggers

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