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I’m very excited to be doing a guest blog for Rhiannons Interiors. Given she’s a designer based in LA, I thought I would take a moment to talk about the art we have around our home.

Whenever friends come to our home, they always compliment the work we have on display. The funny thing is, we’ve spent more on the frames than we have the actual pieces of work inside them. Which just goes to show that anything, when presented with real thought and care, can add character and charm to a room without having to cost a lot.

When we started collecting art for our home, we always looked for pieces to bring home from our travels. I far prefer buying art instead of random tshirts and other touristy memorabilia. And I also look for items from street artists instead of in the galleries; when bought from the right person they somehow feel more real to me. It’s how we found these little gems in Florence:

Sketch by an Italian street artist
Sketch by an Italian street artist
Watercolour of Florence
Watercolour of Florence

We paid 10 Euros for three pieces of original art, and had them professionally framed by a family-run framer down the road. They are truly one-off pieces, and we’ll always remember exactly where and when we purchased them.

We’re also very lucky to have a number of artists in the family. Liam’s dad, my grandma and my mom are all amazing at painting, drawing and sculpture. So where possible, we look to display their work. Like this charcoal landscape by Liam’s dad:

Charcoal landscape by Peter Hamill
Charcoal landscape by Peter Hamill

While it’s a bit more classical than the rest of our pieces, I love the detailing, texture, and beauty of the landscape. It’s a nice change to some of our more modern pieces, and I love the fact that it was made by Liam’s dad. With the number of talented people in the world, it’s never too difficult to track down an original piece by a friend or family member. And every time they come by, they’ll be proud to see something of theirs hanging on the wall!

I also like to try and support local or up and coming artists. Fab, Not On the Highstreet, and Etsy tend to be great places to track down new artists, and it’s where I found this etching of London. For £50 pounds, it feels like a small price to pay to know that I’m helping someone do what they love.

Limited Edition Print

And finally, I tend to look for pieces that will add bright colour to our white walls. As a renter, it was our way of ‘painting’ a room. And even now as homeowners, this is something we’ll continue to do to add a bit of zest and energy without having to paint an entire wall.

Earlier this week I stumbled across two prints in Paperchase (a stationary store in London). They were in amongst the gift wrap, but I think they’ll serve perfectly as pieces for our kitchen once we get them framed. They were £3.25 each, which I think is expensive for wrapping paper, but a bargain for a print! And it means I care far less when little paws decide to park on them momentarily (which almost always happens).

I Heart NY
I Heart NY
Vintage London Underground Print
Vintage London Underground Print
Ollie testing out our taste
Ollie testing out our taste
Bargain... :)
Bargain… 🙂

London and NY are two of my favourite cities in the world; now I just need to find something for Chicago, Paris and Tokyo. My first stop will probably be the Liberty stationary department. They have an amazing range of unique gift cards that I think will look amazing when framed. I might also compliment these prints with photos I’ve taken whilst in those cities, just to mix it up a bit.

While I love fine art, I also love feeling much less committed to the pieces we have in our home. If my tastes change dramatically in the next ten years, then I’ll feel far less guilty selling these on than I would if we’d invested thousands in them.

What about you – what do you use to decorate your home? Where do you look when you want a new piece to display? Any inexpensive art finds that you’ve tracked down over the years? Or are you one to invest in an amazing piece? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear!


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