Pretty in Pink?

I’ve been seeing a lot of pink rooms in blogs and magazines these days. Usually pink is a colour I would reserve for a child’s bedroom, a private en-suite, or an absolutely over-the-top bachelorette pad (fuchsia accents with black and white interior? Amazingly indulgent). But as a colour in a unisex space; I’m not so sure…

Personally I can’t quite imagine convincing Liam to paint any of our main rooms (living room, kitchen, bathroom; even bedroom) pink. And he’s a progressive guy when it comes to colour. He even wears pink trousers from time to time. What’s more, I’m not sure I could deal with coming home to a pink room every day. Something about it takes me back to the pink and lace duvet and the four-poster white bed I had as a child. And while I loved feeling like a princess then, I’m past that point in my life, and not really ready to return any time soon.

But then I see pictures like this on Pinterest, and I think it looks pretty soft, cozy and relaxing. Even modern. But definitely with a girly touch.

Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink

So the verdict is out, and I’m interested in hearing what you guys think:

Is pink one of those colour trends that will peak and fade in one season, or is it one of those forgotten colours that’s on the brink of a rebirth? Is it best for bold accents, or is it really just for little girls rooms, overly indulgent bathrooms and dressing rooms? Would the male or more tomboyish females in your household agree to it, or would it drive them up the wall? Any more good examples that would make me reconsider? Drop your comments below! Otherwise, wishing every one a good start to the week.



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