DIY Inspiration: Mounted Barn Doors

In our new place, our kitchen is just off our living room (imagine an ‘L’ shape, with the kitchen making up the ‘I’ and the living room the ‘_’) We’re debating whether we knock the wall down and open up the kitchen and the living room, just to make it feel even more spacious. That would be the popular thing to do at the moment, as open plan living seems to be a huge trend.

But part of me thinks we keep the two separate, and instead make a feature out of the doorway. Maybe it’s because I grew up in farm country, but I’ve been very drawn to the idea of a mounted barn door. It’s an interesting mix of industrial warehouse and rustic farm, which works perfectly for us and will be a nice foil to some of our more slick & modern aesthetic. Plus, it will mean that if we’re entertaining, I can pull the door shut on any kitchen mess I create. So I’ve already started the hunt on eBay, and found some inspiration on Pinterest as well (you can click through to my board with all images below here). We won’t make the decision until a few weeks time, but the more I look at options, the more I think this is the way we’ll go. It will mean we can focus our money on completely overhauling the kitchen and investing in furniture, rather than paying to demo a wall. Which is also no bad thing.

I love the idea of taking the door and painting it a really bright colour. If it needs refinishing anyways, this is probably the best, and most fun route as the colour will mask a lot of the inconsistencies in the wood.

1 3

But I’m also tempted to keep it simple and subtle so that it doesn’t overwhelm the room and instead is a nice detail that flows nicely from one space to another. We’re planning to do white walls in the living room, so maybe I whitewash the wood to give it a bit of texture.


Or we go dark and monochrome to introduce a bit of moody drama. I love the leather texture of the second photo below.

24 5

I’m leaning towards white-washed or colourful, but definitely need to see what happens once we’re there, and what the door looks like that we find. I’ll let you know what we decide but if you have an opinion, pop it my way!


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