Material of the moment: copper

I’ve had a small obsession with copper since we went to Marrakech last October, and this gorgeous freestanding bathtub was in our room.

Freestanding Copper Tub
Freestanding Copper Tub

After sunbathing or wandering around the medina, this was the perfect place to disappear for an hour. And the tub was deep enough that you could actually disappear; I could almost fully stretch out and I’m well over 5’7″ tall.

Copper is one of those materials that is incredibly flexible, and can be used in very traditional or very modern ways. Compared to gold I find it far less ‘bling’ or Napoleonic; versus silver it’s much warmer and casts a really gentle light. It also seems to blend well with a range of hues from really bold, dark and intense colors to crisp whites, or soft pastels. So as a long-time investment, it ticks a lot of the boxes.


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Then I found out that copper is naturally anti-microbial, and I decided that one day, I would track down a copper sink for my kitchen. This may not be something we do for our first house, but if you ask me what I’d put into my ‘forever’ kitchen, there’s your answer. I would contrast it with charcoal slate counters and pristine white walls; a nod to traditional materials like the image below, but executed in a very modern way.


Luckily it seems copper is a fast-approaching trend, as I’m suddenly seeing it in a number of shops and pinboards. So I’m sure at least a few items will be popping up in future home posts, once we are all moved in and can start accessorising.

Any materials or upcoming trends that you’re loving at the moment? Wishing everyone a great start to the week! x



3 thoughts on “Material of the moment: copper

  1. I love your idea about having a copper sink in the kitchen. Don’t know how it works with keeping it polished though. Could be a lot of work.

    1. It’s an interesting point. I’ve done a quick google search and it seems it’s pretty straightforward to care for, so long as you do a little bit every day. Check out this site for instance:
      The other consideration is whether we always want it to look brand new, or if it ‘weathering’ over time is ok. What would you do?

      1. The tips on the link are interesting. I think I would be afraid of ruining it. So easy to be in a rush and let it air dry. For me I think I would go somewhere in-between. I would polish it regularly but not often enough to make it always ultra shiny. I have a copper bedpan in the living-room which I polish periodically but not fastidiously.

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