Two men walk into a bar…

It took me forever to understand why ‘and the other one ducked’ is funny. But then I am blonde; sometimes things take me a bit longer than they should.

From bad jokes to good bars… I want to put two different bars into our future home, and am just working out how to do so with the space we have. First is a coffee bar.

When I first moved over here, most of my British friends scoffed (yes, scoffed – from time to time the Brits still do that) at my coffee obsession. But being an American, it felt totally natural and I often questioned why people settled for the instant stuff when my grandmother expected good, ground beans. Turns out it’s all related to the war, so I felt a bit spoiled. But nonetheless, I spent a fortune on Starbucks and could never find a decent American drip machine for our home.

After ten years of expensive or bad coffee, the revolution happened. Suddenly it’s very easy to buy whole beans (and slow drip and cold press and a whole host of methods I’ve never heard of), and people are drinking flat whites instead of tea with milk. Coffee has always been a part of my morning and weekend, even before I drank it. I remember the smell of it brewing for my parents, and so I would love to put a little coffee bar into our future kitchen. I was thinking something along these lines – just without the giant machine:

1 2

I like to keep it simple, but do want to make sure it’s a feature in our new spot. Since we don’t have a lot of space, it may end up being a simple sign and some mugs but we’ll see what I come up with.

The second bar is the expected one. I enjoy entertaining, and also like having a good mix of booze in the house. We happen to have built up a good whisky collection over the years, which I would like to have out somewhere fun. And once we’re settled, we’re planning to rebuild our wine collection. The labels are amazing, and I love knowing we have extra in incase someone pops by. So am debating between a piece of furniture like this:

3 4 5

Or a built-in shelf somewhere, like this:

6 7

I think I’m leaning towards a fun piece of furniture, like the bicycle-inspired bar but we’ll see what we find. No matter what we do, we definitely need this sign around:


We’re terrible at shutting off after work, and I think sometimes a cheeky reminder like this is a good one to have nearby.

Only two more days until we’re off work for nine; and six more weeks until we move. Feels very long, and also very, very short.

Hope you’re all having a good week so far. x

PS. All images are finds on Pinterest. Check here


1 thought on “Two men walk into a bar…

  1. and the third one ducked. Whoever told you the joke confused the punchline lol

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