Rainy grey

A lot of people think of grey as dull and depressing, but I think the opposite. I find charcoals warm, dramatic and textured. Lighter dove greys are soft, calming and make for a great base to contrast with other colours; tonal monochromes, deep jewel tones or bright primary. And any colour of grey makes a nice alternative to stark white or dark black.

For my wedding, I went with a light grey, charcoal and white colour scheme and then added classic red roses for a bit of colour. We were married at Redworth Hall, a beautiful 17th century manor in the north of England, and I didn’t want the colours we chose to be too distracting from the space. I also wanted to make sure that whatever colour I asked my favourite girls to wear looked amazing on them. And in my humble opinion, it did. 🙂




I love black & white photography, and the wedding photos turned out really well. Plus the colour worked well against the stone and wood interiors.

In fact, the combination worked so well for us, that I’ve been thinking about how to bring grey into our home without it being too dark or too much of an extension of the grey London skies. I like that it’s a subtle nod to our wedding day and think it will work well with the type of space we want to create. I’ve started noticing a few photos where the walls are grey-washed instead of perfectly painted.

2 3


I love the textural effect this brings without having to resort to wallpaper. Plus it will really show off some of the art that we’ve accumulated over the years. I’m trying to decide exactly where to do this; perhaps the bathroom to create a soft spa-like space. Or maybe the bedroom to bring in a bit of calm and romance. I could imagine this being really pretty with our stark white bedding and wooden bed. We’re heading back to measure this week, and while we’re there I’ll definitely be looking at how and where I want to use colour.

What are your thoughts on grey; any times you’ve seen it used that worked really well? Or less well? Do you prefer a stain, or a more traditional effect when it comes to paint?


2 thoughts on “Rainy grey

  1. I think grey is very calming without being boring. I love the idea of using it in the bedroom with a wooden bed. The grey wash is gorgeous and very soft!

    1. Thanks! We’ll see what we decide – going Tuesday to make a plan!

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