Monday Blues

Blue seems to be a hue of the moment, so I thought in honor of Monday blues (we all get them, right?) I’d pull together some great examples of how this colour can feature in the home. I find it funny that we associate it with feeling sad; it actually energises me. It can be bold and uplifting, or soft and calming. Traditional or modern. Understated or overstated. It all depends on the tone you choose, and how you use it.

Here are ten of my favourite examples. All images are from my Pinterest board, along with a few others that didn’t quite make the cut. Simply click the photo to link to the original source (or the most original source I could find, anyways).

1. A subtle pop of colour at the back of a cabinet as a modern twist to a more traditional look.


2. An unexpected burst of sky blue in the floor, while keeping the walls crisp and white.


3. For me, this is a picture-perfect example of Uptown Sophistication. I think it’s interesting they’ve used blue to ground the room while using the white to white dramatise the high ceilings. And I totally love the chandelier to tie everything together; if I ever have a girly dressing room, I might get one of these. But definitely in blue – not pink.


4. Deeply distressed – instead of using a stark white, they’ve added depth by using a grey-blue tone and brought warmth through the glow of the lights. Lovely.


5. Moody blues (my husband might really love me for getting a reference to one of his favourite bands into a post). Deep, dark, cavernous, dramatic; all great words for describing a room. Keep it from feeling too cave-like with natural light, lighter wood, and pops of contrasting colour. Or take a page out of Abigail Ahern’s book and go for full-on drama.


6. Going Greek; every time I see this color I think of Santorini, Greece. White-washed houses with brilliant blue caps, all teetering on cliffs that plunge into the sea. I could come home to that everyday.


7. Baby blues – sometimes the best way to try out a trend is with little accessories that bring fresh energy into a room. I see beautiful jars and vases everywhere from TK Maxx to Liberty. Pop a knee-high vase into an empty corner to add texture and warmth, or sneak a smaller one onto a side table with some fresh flowers and a pack of books.


8. First impressions of a house count just as much as what we experience when we walk through a door. So if you have to pick up a paintbrush to fix peeling paint outside, why not try a new colour while you’re at it? Something as small as painting the shutters can give a completely new feel to the outside of a place.


9. Towels are something to stock up on (we honestly never have enough ‘good’ towels in our home), and are also easy to rotate to match the seasons, provided the rest of your bathroom is more neutral. In fact, adding colour through new towels can be as effective as picking up a paintbrush. If you decide later on you don’t like them you can always use them at the beach, or for chores around the home.


10. Last but not least, over the weekend these beauties popped up in Liberty London’s twitter feed. Who knew roses came in this colour?? I think they’re stunning, and a simple way to add a bit of exotic colour to your home – even if only for a few days.


Which is your favourite? Have you seen any other interesting ways to use blue in the home? Wishing you all a good start to the week!


1 thought on “Monday Blues

  1. Thanks for celebrating my favorite color! I have never found blue to be depressing either. The glass accessories and those gorgeous roses are great ways to play with color on a budget!

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