Retail Inspiration

I’ve been a bit quiet on here this last week, but that’s only because my analog life kicked into high gear. I was back at work, and friends were back in town from summer travels. There’s a big project kicking off, and I’ve come down with a cold. Plus, if you saw my post yesterday you’ll know that Liam and I had a very special day to celebrate. So I’m back in the digital world trying to catch my breath, but with loads to share from my week out and about.

The London retailers have clearly been investing in their home ware ranges, as suddenly there’s loads of really great creative items in the shops. I thought I’d share three of my favourites with you.

First off, while wandering around John Lewis pricing up some pieces for the house, I stumbled across these little gems.

Penguin Penguin


Liam and I are both bookworms, and I love these vintage Penguin covers. But £50 each, I think they’re too expensive. So instead, I’ll be heading to pick up a few of our favourite books in a bookstore, photographing the covers, and having them framed and mounted for our spare bedroom / study. (Sorry John Lewis, but thanks for the great idea).

We were also back in BoConcept scoping some bookcases, and I noticed this piece of artwork.


I quite like the mix of multimedia and typographic. Instead of a short phrase like this, I’d be tempted to put a favourite quote or something in its place. But the style is quite cool and very urban. Might be a cool touch in the hallway, next to the coats.

Finally, I went to visit my favourite copper pendants in Heal’s and noticed them used in quite an interesting way.


Normally you would expect to see these in a kitchen or maybe an entryway. But they had them layered up next to a GORGEOUS copper bed. I quite like the idea of hanging pendants in the bedroom instead of traditional ceiling lights or bedside lamps. I can imagine it being great for reading, and far softer and more diffused for general lounging.

So there are three of my favourite spots this week. Got anything you’ve seen while out and about? Send it my way! x


3 thoughts on “Retail Inspiration

  1. I will look through our old, old books and take a photo of interesting covers to send your way. I have a 1952 edition of “Out of Africa” that has an African graphic on it, and the Kipling poems, Pearl Buck, etc., so will see what we have. Also, do you remember doing a piece of artwork of bamboo shoots and a bit of a poem by Kipling, then signed “Wrought by Anna Clymer”. I’ve kept it because it is lovely- will probably try to bring it with sometime. It is in a greenish grey water color, very pale…

  2. On second thought, the photos won’t do you any good. Your intent was to frame the actual covers…

    1. or not. I guess you did talk of taking photos of book covers-oh well

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