Sneak Peek: The New Pad

We FINALLY exchanged on our flat! Which means I can finally share the post I wrote a few weeks back, but decided not to put up, just in case it jeopardized the sale. Lots to do, but we’re so excited to get the keys on Monday and get cracking. By this time next week, we’ll officially be finished with renting. Enjoy!

This week we headed back to the flat for the first time in a few months. We needed to measure and start ordering some furniture so that we’re not sleeping on the floor once we move in.

At the moment, the flat is rented to a woman and her teenage daughter. The woman looks after children during the day, so it’s packed with stuff. This makes it pretty tricky to get a good feel for the actual space or get good photographs. Once we have the keys, we’ll do a proper photo run. But at least you’ll have an idea what we’re up against. So, welcome to our (soon to be) home – please excuse the mess. 🙂

Home DSC_0016

The main living space, building, location, and layout is what sold us. We’re a five minute walk from the East London line, and this gets us to London Bridge in less than 15 minutes. Plus there’s a local market every Saturday and a load of independent eateries scattered around us, which we love.

We’ve seen a lot of homes in the area (over the last year we’ve put offers on five different properties; I guess the new saying is sixth time lucky) and this by far has the best living space in our price range. The big windows let in loads of light and give us some pretty nice views of the neighbourhood.


Behind me, there are two three-seater couches and a coffee table, plus the entrance to the kitchen:

Our plan is to gut everything (especially the curtains!) and paint the walls white while we work out our colour scheme. There are a lot of cracks, nail holes, and nicks to fill, trim to sort (no matter what we do, it will probably have white trim) and the ceiling definitely needs some attention. We know white will be a good blank canvas for us to start with, so are jumping straight in to do that while the house is cat and furniture free.

We have a few plans for the hallway; currently it feels far too cramped and messy. Since this is the first area you see when you walk in, we want to make it especially inviting.


While the shelves are useful, we think they’re actually making it feel more cluttered. So we’re planning to take these down and shift them into the kitchen after we’ve painted them. In their place, we’re going to create a bit of a ‘landing pad’ with a bench, mirror, and space for coats, shoes and keys to live. Until we can replace the radiators, we’ll paint these. And I want to replace the inset bulbs with some hanging lights, which will draw attention to the high ceilings. I’ve got a photo wall mapped out for the left-hand side and want to use a rich colour on the walls to add some drama and warmth. But to start with, we’ll be painting this white as well.

We had a few fun discoveries in the bedrooms and the bathroom (painted wallpaper??? Ugh.) And the kitchen needs completely gutting except for the cooker, but the space is large enough to fit a breakfast bar and some extra storage. I couldn’t get people-free photos of these rooms so you’ll have to wait a few weeks. But trust me, there’s plenty to keep us busy.

While the inside is going to be a warzone for a few months, at least the view will be pretty. Who knew you could get this much greenery in the centre of London?? I can’t wait to see the leaves change.


There’s also a separate garden to tackle, but we’re putting that out of our minds until spring. As you can see, there’s plenty to keep us busy through the winter!


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: The New Pad

  1. This is such a pretty entrance and bright living room. It will be so fun to make it your own. Good luck with the initial work. Nice to look out on the greenery-London is in all the mags lately as the place to be and kudos for reclaiming and uplifting the aging areas.

  2. I love it! Gorgeous light and great space! Can’t wait to see all of it and the projects you and Liam do to make it yours 🙂

  3. It looks lovely. So spacious and light!

    1. Thanks! We can’t wait to move in and get going on the work.

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