First week rundown

A LOT has happened this week, and I’ll be giving you the proper update in the next 24 hours. I’m off to NYC tomorrow morning until Wednesday evening for work (because I figured gutting a flat, painting, moving, unpacking and general life sorting in five days wouldn’t be tiring enough) so I’ll be using my flight time to play catch up on writing, champagne and sleep. Apologies in advance if formatting is wonky -I’m tapping this out on my iPhone.

Here’s the topline of life in general, since Monday.

The good stuff:

9 bookcases removed (single-handedly by me, thank you very much!)
3 rooms spackled, sanded and painted: front room, master bedroom and one long hallway – that includes walls, ceiling and trim
1 bathroom gutted and then made semi-livable while we decide what to do with it
1 bedroom with 2 layers of painted wallpaper half scraped. We’ll nail the other half in a weekend.
1 bed built with NO arguing. Easy as pie.
1 Friday night Ikea date (seriously the best time to go)
6 Ikea items built an installed in under 24 hours, with no mistakes (woo!)
4 neighbours met in quite dramatic circumstances (see the ‘not-so-good’) list below, accompanied by 1 cup of very comforting tea
2 neighbours met in normal circumstances
2 free sandwiches from the coffee shop who took pity on us and our bad luck
2 very happy and settled kitties – they adore the view from the windows and the space.
3 days solid of spotify to keep us sane

The not-so-good:

1 night without hot water
1 broken pipe beneath our floorboards, which caused a small flood in both flats below us – did I mention it was or first night in the flat? And that our neighbour directly below is on holiday? AND that our flood went all over one of his ancient ancestral paintings? The horror.
1 emergency plumber to spot the problem and recommend an expensive solution
1 very sensible plumber to sort it all out at a sensible price the next day
1 failed Sky installation – our satellite needs to go on the roof to remain in line with conservation area rules (not allowed on the front) so the guys are coming back in a few weeks with a very tall ladder.

All in all, it’s been an amazing week. Exhausting tho. In fact, as I write this Liam is falling asleep sitting up, next to me. I promise to put up some before and after photos, but if this week has taught me anything, it’s this:

Paint can make a room feel brand new
Always expect something to go wrong in the first weeks of owning a place – and have money set aside for it.
Don’t take your first quote – take an hour to call around. It saved us £100 and counting…
Always let one person be ‘head of instructions’ when building furniture – two drivers = serious arguing.
Don’t forget to find some small wins. We spent a lot of today sorting out our entryway. Was it the most important room? No. Is it finished? Also no. But does it make us feel like we won’t be living in DIY limbo forever? Yes. And when in need of morale building, that small win today bought enough energy for another four hours of work.

I leave you with a quick photo of our small victory – check back for the before and after.



1 thought on “First week rundown

  1. It looks wonderful. The shelving/hangers piece is a great space saver and so convenient upon coming in the front door. The huge clock is just right-the size of it makes the hall seem less long and is useful. Did the neighbor’s ancient ancestral painting survive?
    Congratulations to you both, new home owners! Love your win/win attitude. House problems can be extremely stressful.

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