House Tour: Weekend 1

At the end of last week’s week-long DIY love-fest, our home is finally starting to come together in a bare ‘nuts and bolts’ kind of way. By that I mean, we’re getting some good basics in place but a LOT of the frivolous stuff that really makes a house a home will need time and money to sort out. Small things like picking drapes or linen for the bedroom – things that will make a big difference – will have to wait until the ‘musts’ are done. And as I alluded to in our last post, our ‘must’ list since Monday has grown, and grown and grown. Now I understand why people call homes a money pit.


1. The broken pipe beneath our floorboard that will give us our central heating back. Going into winter, this little surprise is our first priority, but how we sort it totally depends on our neighbour downstairs. Ideally, we would go through his ceiling instead of our floor, as this is what our new plumbing guru recomended. But we’ll see.
2. The windows – all are in need of some love and attention. If we spring for double glazed it’s likely to save on our energy bill, but will be a significant outlay at first. Especially since they’ll have to be sash windows that fit the code of our conservation area.
3. The dog-eared kitchen needs completely gutting and rethinking. We will even be getting rid of the giant cooker and fridge that came with the place, as they are eating SO much space it’s unreal. I tried cooking for the first time last night, and in spite of its size it felt cramped because it’s so badly laid out. Not going to cut it, long term.
4. The bathroom needs work, but at the moment we’re debating just how much needs replacing now, vs later down the road. First priority is getting it to a decent state (ie getting a toilet seat that actually fits our toilet!) and then we’ll decide what to do.
5. Getting the rest of our ‘basic’ furniture like a wardrobe, bedside tables, book cases, etc. But for some of these items we will buy them slowly over time so that we pick up interesting things we love.

So here’s where we are, three days into home ownership:

Our makeshift kitchen storage
The kitchen – at least the bar stools are pretty!
Temporary storage solution
Our bed – but without good linen or bedside tables. So very much work in progress.
Shoe and coat storage in the hallway – our first DIY success!
The very sad little bathroom
More temporary storage – at least it’s fun
Our crack-den of a second bedroom. We desperately need a steamer…
Eventually shoes will live in / under a storage bench – and the floors will be clear of paint
One space that feels normal.. ish


But we still have SOOO MUCH to do:



More to come when I’m back from NYC!


2 thoughts on “House Tour: Weekend 1

  1. You have a very nice place that just needs a bit of updating. I have a few suggestions if you don’t mind. If you do, stop reading this and go on. In case you are interested, lol, here I go. In the Kitchen: the tall cabinet left of the sink could be taken out, painted and used elsewhere and you would gain needed counter space. Because you have that long wall in the kitchen you could put in narrow cupboards/shelving/counter all along that wall that would serve as a pantry as well as storage. Somewhere in there could be your bar. The bathroom isn’t so bad, not sad for sure. Some people install new toilet seats for the next owner, for sanitary reasons, so maybe the previous owner just threw the old one. The subway tile is so vogue right now, so hopefully you won’t have to remove it. If it needs grouting, that is easy to redo without losing any pieces of tile. You just scratch into the old stuff and wipe over it with the new stuff. Makes a huge difference. Maybe the black or navy blue is just too dark so go to royal blue, or you may like the contrast, but like you said, a fresh coat of paint makes a room feel fresh and new. The zigzag basket is perfect. Bricks and ready finished planks make storage-you could go right over that window with shelving in the bedroom so it is still open for light but is useable space. I am sure the broken water pipe and no heat at present is making everything seem worse. I take pity on you. In a week or so things will be better. It is a cheerful, bright place with only better things to come. Good luck.

  2. Frank Lloyd Wright believed that if a chef on a diner train working in a space 3 feet wide could easily feed 60 people, then kitchens did not need to be large but did need to be efficient. The work triangle, stove-sink-refrigerator, best suited for efficiency is @ 11-15 ft. so a large space can be inefficient. If you run 15 ft to get to the refrigerator you will soon tire of cooking that way. (Bever Ave)

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