The weekend DIY-athon

This weekend was another two days solid of DIY. On the one hand, it’s completely helped me overcome my jet lag (when I finally do get to bed, I’m sleeping like a baby). On the other, it’s leaving us little time and space to actually enjoy the house. But we’re getting there. Here’s the breakdown of our fun-filled two days. Apologies again for formatting – sadly we’re still without internet (come on Sky) so tapping this out on the phone again. Which also means photos are from the iPhone.

So – what we’ve accomplished:

Built our Expedit bookcase; then unpacked about ten boxes of books, DVDs and ‘stuff’ to fill it.

Spent two hours scouring our floors with steel wool to bring up the paint flecks and spots. They look great now, but I can’t feel my right hand. Next time we will both be more careful with the drop cloth.

Hung shelves and our breakfast bar in the kitchen. We are already using the breakfast bar all the time – especially while we don’t have our dining table. In the next six months we’ll be gutting the units and cupboards, as well as painting the entire room. But for now at least I have half a kitchen I don’t hate.

Hung art – but wow do we need more. I don’t think we’ve appreciated how much more wall space we have here. That will be a fun challenge to tackle over the coming months.

Finished off our bedroom. The jury is still out on whether we’ll be buying wardrobes or not. I know it’s a bit urban studio-esque but we’re really liking the minimalism of the open clothes racks. A great space saver and once we’ve replaced the hangers with nice wooden ones it will look even better. Other addition I’m in love with is our new stonewash sheets. They’re super cosy, plus the deep rich blue feels really autumnal. We also bought a set in tangerine orange, to switch things up a bit. I decided I need a way to remember the colour of the back room even once it’s painted.

One other thing you might start to notice is we’ve amassed quite a few clocks. Both Liam and I love them, so are planning to have at least one cool one in every room. Maybe it will also make us more on time – who knows.

And finally – check out Liam’s present from NYC. I stopped in at St Marks Comic shop and picked up two slightly battered original Marvel comics for 15 dollars. Liam loves the graphics and I love the quirky retro look. We slapped these bad boys in frames and they’re hung above his clothes rack. Which means I get to put something girly above mine. Decisions decisions…

Any projects underway for you this weekend?












2 thoughts on “The weekend DIY-athon

  1. The kitchen wall looks especially nice and very functional. The hanging rack shelves are perfect for pots etc., like you have it-question: is there a weight limit on the wall fasteners as pots/pans get heavy. Love the clock. Everything looks so comfortable and like you. Hopefully your wooden hangers will be thin. The old ones are so thick and take up too much space. I like the open racks-makes it so much easier to see what you want. Good job-well done!

    1. Not sure about the weight limit. We went with pretty big screws and sink mounts but are being careful about how much we layer on. The yellow wrought iron le creuset may come down tomorrow as it’s pretty heavy. We had to remount our breakfast bar – during dinner it made an unexpected attempt to escape. Luckily Liam caught it so no food was lost. Lesson learned – if it’s at all loose, it needs redoing. 😉

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