Hello Bo

Hopefully this is my last ‘phone’ post for awhile, but needs must! Our rooter is meant to arrive tomorrow and the Sky folks will be coming by to sort our tv Thursday while I’m in Switzerland. To be honest, it’s been great not to have tv or unlimited wifi. Tonight Liam and I went old-school and chatted while listening to music and drinking a bottle of wine. Usually an activity reserved for the weekend, but we were feeling celebratory. Why? Well, this guy finally decided to turn up. Meet Bo – our new dining table.




We ordered him about a month ago when BoConcept had 20% off for Design Week. We always knew we wanted a good table to go with our refinished chairs, and we love a lot of the BoConcept aesthetic. So this was an investment piece for us – and we don’t regret a penny (but we did seriously appreciate the sale!!)

This table was the purchase that helped everything fall into place. Brushed steel, grey, semi-gloss / eggshell white and pops of colour now run throughout our home. Sometimes mixed with black powder coat iron. Sometimes with different textures or mood in our artwork. It all is starting to flow nicely, but each room still has it’s own feel. And a long way to go before it’s finished.

Hope everyone is enjoying the shift to autumn (if you’re in this part of the world!) With no central heat we were laughing at being able to see our breath tonight when we came in. Hate to say it, but winter is on its way….


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