Week 3 Update

I can’t believe we’re on our third weekend in the new place. Finally things are beginning to return to normal, and the blog will begin to feature more than just my self-indulgent ‘Look what we’ve done!!’ posts. This post is still DIY-related, but I promise to balance it out later with an article on one of our favourite new vintage workshops in London.

Liam is in the bathroom as I write this, chipping away at the last bits of plastered wallpaper. (Yep, you read that right. My plea to all DIYers everywhere – please don’t mix plaster and wallpaper. It’s really not fun to remove). Once he’s done, we’ll swap and I’ll head in to start filling holes and evening out plaster. We’re planning a bit of a ‘Step 1’ makeover, followed by a ‘Step 2’ version once our kitchen is done and we have funds to cover it. So likely in about 9 – 12 months time. It’s only a little room, but boy is he taking longer than the front room did! Lesson 1: Bathrooms, no matter how small, will take time, some serious effort and money to get right.

So our ‘Step 1’ makeover will include painting everything white, and giving the base boards a coat of white gloss, as they’re pretty knackered and yellow. We also want to pop some red or yellow up on one of the walls. We have an entire pot of cherry red paint from when we refinished our dining chairs that we thought would be fun to use, and there’s also half a pot of our NY taxicab yellow left, which we thought could be clean, sunny and contrast nicely with the white subway tiling. The room is really small so we want to try and keep it pretty fresh and light. We need to put up our shower curtain and I also want to find a way to refresh the cement between the subway tiling but have some reading to do on that. Final touch will be to build in some shelving units above the toilet. I’ve found these on Loaf, which I love, and are very much in keeping with the industrial chic vibe we’ve got going through the house. Compact, stylish and won’t hold water. Perfect.

Waffle Bathroom Shelving from Loaf
Waffle Bathroom Shelving from Loaf

Final touch will be installing a flat mirror above the sink with a small shelf below so our toothbrushes don’t need to teeter on the very small edge. And then the fun begins with artwork. So plenty to keep us busy in the short term but we think once it’s done it will feel like a completely different room, which will certainly tide us over until we can decide what we want longer term. Just getting the navy peeling wallpaper off the walls has helped open it up already.

What about you guys – any ‘smart’ fixes you’ve been busy doing? I’m off to start spackling, but will be back later, as promised, to introduce you to one of my new favourite shops.

Happy Sunday!


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