Stig Lindberg at Skandium

With our plan for open shelving, I’ve been keeping my eye out for fun mugs that I’m happy to have on display. At the moment we have two from Anthropologie that are used and abused on a regular basis, along with some nice white porcelain ones we were given for our wedding. But I definitely want to add something with a bit of personality. And it looks like Skandium has just launched the perfect set.

With my love for all things Swedish, these mugs using Stig Lindberg’s illustrations for the book Daniel Doppsko (Daniel Dip Your Toe) are exactly what I was hoping to find.

Stig Lindberg Mugs at Skandium

Lindberg was one of Sweden’s most important post war designers, creating an entirely new language for table wear and also working with product design, graphics and illustration. Charming, graphic, edgy and colourful I definitely want the full set. Plus the story is fun – the lead character Daniel discovers a world under water that is full of surprises.

Head to Skandium’s website to read more and have a look.

Photos are taken from the Skandium website. 


4 thoughts on “Stig Lindberg at Skandium

  1. I wonder if Norway has any leading designers. Is Swedish Design a name for a generalization of a certain design? Or have you gone to the other side lol ??? Just teasing but you know my love of Norway.

    1. PS the cups are charming…

  2. Just looked at Skandium website and definitely see your flat in their interior design link. It even has windows similar to yours. It is a featured decor project of theirs in a Victorian mansion block. Very cool.

    1. If only our entire flat were from Skandium! I love the shop but have to find smart ways to achieve the same look.

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