Three out of four…

We don’t have central heating yet. But we do have a fixed pipe, an in tact floor, and a happy neighbour. Turns out they didn’t have to drill through his ceiling to sort things out after all. (Thank the DIY gods). If you haven’t been following things, I’ll do a quick recap of our somewhat dramatic introduction to home ownership. Our first night in the flat, after a long day of lifting and unpacking we went to have a shower before heading for a celebratory dinner. Our plans were pretty quickly squashed when we realised there was no hot water, even though there had been earlier that morning. First port of call was to look at the pressure on our boiler. It was well below zero, so thinking that was the problem, we filled the boiler only to watch the little dial make it’s way back to zero. The water was going in just fine, but it was then flooding out directly to the two flats below us. One emergency plumber and one normal plumber (who is now in my phone as ‘plumbing and DIY genius) later, and we had hot water back but no central heating. They thought the leak was somewhere in the piping beneath our floor, which would require either tearing up our floorboards or cutting into our neighbour’s ceiling. Luckily our neighbour was ok with this idea. So we booked in the work.

After three weeks with only a little space heater to keep us warm, we managed to get everything arranged. Meanwhile, I’d located a damp spot in a cupboard in our kitchen, with two pipes poking out of it. It was right above where water had leaked into the flat downstairs so I showed this to our guys as soon as they arrived, and it turns out this was our problem. The pipes weren’t capped off properly and had been knocked loose in the move – most likely when the owners were clearing out their stuff, as we only had cat food in it. So problem solved without having to cut a thing. Now we’re just waiting for a replacement part to fix the connection from our boiler to our heating system and we’re golden. It will cost less, and was less intrusive. Looks as tho our luck is turning.

The best bit about today is our sexy new lights in the front room and bedroom. Neither of us are electricians, and we didn’t fancy playing around with wires, given our luck thus far. With the guys coming in to sort the pipes, we also asked them to install the Hector pendants we picked up at Ikea on our Friday shopping binge a few weeks back. I never appreciated how much a light fixture would change a room, but these certainly do. Suddenly everything is feeling much more finished. My only bugbear is the maximum wattage on the lights – 53 – which leaves things very ‘softly’ lit. We’re not one for having bright lights in the front room anyways so it’s fine, but I wouldn’t depend on these for a studio, kitchen or workplace.

So the front room is nearly there – just a rug to order, some art to find and hang, and an upgrade from our little two-seater sofa to a three-seater, which will happen when Santa Claus is in town. We already have him picked out – now we’re just hoping the sale gods (cousins to DIY gods, of course) are good to us. And our bedroom is completely finished bar some artwork.

So three things accomplished and one little bonus win – all under budget. By this time next week, we’ll be cozy and warm as well, all just in time for the cold. As you can see from the photos above, the trees outside remind us daily that autumn is here, and winter is on its way. Our entire front room glowed yellow this morning – gorgeous!

What about you guys – any final projects underway before winter hits?


3 thoughts on “Three out of four…

  1. You kept your eyes open regarding the pipes. Any time water is where it shouldn’t be is major. Water damages beyond belief and can be difficult to find. You were able to avert a major repair by alerting your plumbers first and not an “oh, by the way…” later. Electrical is the same way. If a plug is doing something it normally doesn’t, have it checked. Especially if it is loose inside, which can mean someone added an extra line to somewhere and didn’t get it tight. Major fire hazard. Good job finding the pipe problem!

  2. Are you aware of whether its possible to get a round dining table for 12?

    For a long time I’ve been looking online however I cannot find much
    more than tiny kitchen tables

    1. Tricky one – I think for 12 people a round table is probably quite hard to find. Try long benches? Or maybe a circular one that can extend to an oval for when you have 12 people around. Good luck!

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