My latest secret weapon in the battle against wallpaper

This is our last quiet weekend before the full-on sprint into Christmas. Which this year will be even more mental than normal as it includes two weddings, one hen do, two stag do’s (that’s bachelorette and bachelor party to you non-Brits) one thirtieth birthday, a handful of other birthdays, two work parties, our annual Christmas night with Liam’s godmother, and Liam starting a new job. Did I mention we’re hosting his parents for Christmas? Which means the guest room needs to at least be guest-y by the 24th of December (gulp).

With so much left to do and so little time to do it in, finishing the bathroom is our first priority. Once that’s done then we can move onto the guest room (I can’t deal with more than one room in total disarray at once) Luckily we’ve done quite a lot, so tomorrow will be a painting day. But lesson learned – when buying future homes in the UK, painted wallpaper generally means a lot of extra work to turn around the space vs just painting over old paint. And it usually also means the walls hiding underneath will be less than stellar. In our case – basically just the plaster and framing they used to put the wall up in the first place. (Grr to DIY shortcuts).

To get us over the final hurdle I spent today filling final holes and scrubbing off all the little bits of paper and residual glue. A pretty thankless task, but luckily I found something that made this job SOOOO much easier than I thought it was going to be – white vinegar spray.


Yes, our bathroom now smells of salad dressing, but I can deal with that given how easy it made everything. A few sprays and the fine coating of gook was literally leaping off the walls onto my sponge, along with all the tiny scraps of paper. I wish I’d done this before I filled holes, as my scrubbing was also taking some of the fresh filler along with it, but a nice side bonus was the damp sponge (with hot water) smoothed out a lot of my work. So we’re letting it all dry tonight and sanding straight away tomorrow before we prime. First coats of proper paint will hopefully go on after our pub lunch with some friends that live up the road. Guess that means no wine for me. But it’s all worth it to have this project behind us.

Moving forward I’ll probably use this spray as a normal cleaner as well. The metal in our bathroom is now gleaming and our kitchen sink looks like brand new. Definitely one to pick up if you haven’t discovered it already. One nice side bonus is that it’s CHEAP – I paid £3 for this bottle at the little hardware store around the corner. With most kitchen and bathroom cleaner running £5+ this feels like a serious bargain.

What’s everyone else doing for the run into the holidays? Any final projects before the family comes to town? Any little cleaning secrets you’d like to let me in on? Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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