Tangerine Dreams

When I moved to the UK, one of my favourite discoveries was the duvet and duvet covers. (What can I say – I’m easily pleased). I grew up with good old American sheets and a comforter. Nice and cosy, but once you buy one, you’re stuck with that pattern until you’re ready to shell out for a new one. Not so with duvet covers – which makes it really easy to change the feeling of your room every time you change your sheets. Which I’m hoping is pretty often… 😉

Remember these moody blue stone-washed beauties we picked up at Habitat?


Well, we’ve swapped them for the other new set we purchased in the same shopping trip – a seriously bright orange. So bright that the wall outside our bedroom glows when we have the bedside lights on. And my Nikon had a little moment this morning when I was trying to grab a quick pic.

live-style.co.uk live-style.co.uk

With the clocks turning back and darkness settling in, we thought we might need a bit of brightness to come home to. They’re very out of character for us, but we both love them and how much they change the feel of the room.

If we ever get tired of them, we’ll just pop them to the back of the cupboard until we’re ready for a bit of tangerine again. But it’s nice to know they’re there when we need a bit of an energy boost. Hope everyone in the UK enjoys their extra hour of sleep this weekend! xo


1 thought on “Tangerine Dreams

  1. Being in the US I still use sheets, blankets (if needed), and comforters. I had started trading off the comforters seasonally, using a dark color in the summer and light colors in the winter to offset the sunlight effects. It is refreshing to change out the rooms occasionally but this year I have a slight problem. The new comforter for the master bedroom fits the decor so well that I don’t want to change it out this time. It is a warm, light piece that will work all winter, so maybe next Spring I will get an attractive sheet set and let it go at that. In countries where there is a long stretch of winter, like here in Iowa where it is grey outside (trees are bare) and short daylight, I like having bright accent colors, plants, and lots of lights/lamps to cheer up the rooms. Our home is painted all white inside, so accents are very important to avoid snow blindness/craziness all winter.

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