The Blank Slate

After weeks of work we hadn’t originally anticipated (who wallpapers and then paints the bathroom?!?!?! So much for a few quick licks of paint…) we are finally back at a semi-blank slate. So the fun now is deciding what we want to do. If you remember, when we moved in our bathroom looked like this: 

DSC_0028 DSC_0026 DSC_0023

Then it progressed (regressed!) to this: 


And now we’re finally back to a state of normalcy. Sorry for the slight yellow cast on the pics – I’ve yet to master taking perfectly exposed pictures at night:


The walls are now a pristine white, in keeping with the rest of the flat. We have a toilet seat that fits (and is properly attached after a quick lesson from the hardware store up the road). Major holes in the plaster have been filled to varying levels of success (some were really beyond repair – in all honesty, we need to put up new plasterboard on one of the walls, but this will do for now) And we – er, Liam – found a cool mirror that perfectly fits in the little space above the sink and picks up the black grouting in the floor tile. I won’t try and big this up as a massive makeover, but for us it’s a huge transformation. This weekend we’ll be hanging a shower curtain and in a few weeks time when our shelves from Loaf arrive, they will be fitted above the toilet so that we don’t have to stash all our toiletries in the little basket under the sink. We’re also talking about mounting a shelf above the door to store things like toilet paper or towels, but we’ll see how it feels once we’ve got the basics in. Given the size of the space, we really don’t want to make it too cramped. 

Now that we have white walls, the old grouting between the tiles is really noticeable, so we’re hoping to redo that before Christmas. It’s just a matter of finding a day when we can scrape and fill all at once – no small task. We’re also talking about putting some colour on one or two of the walls, but can’t quite decide. With all the effort it’s taken to get this puppy white, we’re not rushing into anything until we’re sure.  

And final thing will be to replace the towel rack. I think the previous vendor lived by the maxim ‘fill small spaces with large objects’. We’ve already picked out a little stainless steel heated rack that is almost half the size and will give us back some space. It’s just a matter of deciding what we’re doing with the room as ‘Makeover B’ before we go and spend the money. Longer term, we’re thinking we might turn it into a bit of a wet room and tile everything. But for now, at least things feel fresh and clean and wallpaper free.  

Next step for us is the spare room. And man, does that one need some attention. Case and point, let me remind you of the room we’ve now christened ‘the crack den’. 



I can’t wait to look down the hallway and see perfect, clean walls.  Hope everyone had a good start to the week! I’ll be back tomorrow with some new design inspiration. 



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