Week 4 Progress

Today turned out to be more productive than either Liam or I expected. We managed to do a quick coat of paint on the skirting board in the bathroom, and also mounted our shower curtain. (Definitely not a five minute job – more like an hour with all the measuring, drilling and cutting we had to do) In all the chaos of buying stuff a few weeks back, we ended up getting a straight curtain instead of one long enough to suit an L-shaped rod. So we need to find a new one before we can call that finished and I can happily post pictures. I quite like these two at John Lewis, so will be heading to see them in person before making a decision.

live-style.co.uk live-style.co.uk

I’m leaning towards the black and white just because I love the illustrative style, but we’ll see what Liam thinks when I show him tomorrow.

The real progress is the wallpaper-free back room. (WAHOOO!). After the success of installing the shower curtain we both were feeling energetic so decided to tackle it. Two hours later and it was done, thanks to our trusty steamer. I still need to go around the edges of the skirting board with blade and there’s some wallpaper-onto-plaster that we need to work out, but we’re feeling a little smug about how much we managed to do. Next weekend I’ll be cleaning the walls, filling holes, plastering a few spots and hopefully painting! Then we can shift our focus to getting shelving installed and the room ready for Christmas guests. And our paintbrushes can go away for awhile – at least until we decide we want some colour on the walls.

That’s it for this weekend – amazing what can get done in a day. Wishing everyone a good start to the week!


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