Good things do happen on Monday

I’m an especially happy girl today, thanks to Loaf and the fabulous Kate over at Fabric of my Life. Because I won a very generous giveaway, I’ve got this guy joining our household very soon!


Liam and I have been scoping their website for quite a few items – we finally tracked down a rug for the front room that we are excited about (Bobble when he’s back in stock) and I’m definitely ordering the Waffle bathroom storage I mentioned a few posts ago. The quality is great, and their style perfectly chimes with the cosy modern industrial vibe we’re pulling together.

I’ve always loved rocking chairs – I think because my mom used to read and rock us to sleep in them. I’ve actually been looking for the perfect one to curl up in with a cosy throw, and Rocker certainly fits with what I had in mind. I like the slightly weathered finish of the wood, the classic shape and the touch of texture with the handwoven rattan. The high back is important too so that I can lean back, close my eyes and just relax.

Thanks again to both if you for such a lovely treat – check back for pics when this bad boy rocks up. I might crawl out of him long enough to take a few.

Now, to find a throw that’s worthy…

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week!


4 thoughts on “Good things do happen on Monday

  1. What a great rocker! When I was very young I had an old oak rocker in my room that was quite large. I could curl up in that and read Nancy Drew…

  2. Awesome! That is great Monday news. I think it will be gorgeous in you living room; and looks comfy too.

  3. Congratulations! Such a nice prize.

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