Latest Discovery: Modetro

On Sunday, Liam and I both had a ‘We NEED bathroom shelving NOW’ kind of moment. (Anyone else have those?) As much as I liked our little navy and white chevron basket of toiletries, it was certainly a temporary fix. We had no space for towels other than the ones we were using, and our stuff was ending up in one big, messy, impossible-to-find-anything-other-than-what-you-last-used pile under the sink. Not good in the mornings when two people are trying to get ready in one small bathroom.

You may remember we were in love with Waffle from Loaf. But then he sold out (boo) and we decided we couldn’t wait for him to come back into stock. So while we knew we wanted something in keeping with our whole industrial theme, a quick look on the internet turned up nothing similar. I started looking at what I could make, but that suddenly sounded like a big project with a steep learning curve and we just wanted to have somewhere for our shampoo and deodorant to live. With limited time and plenty to keep us busy in the spare room, we decided to pick our battles and headed back to the internet to search for a similar option.

Another long, hard look and Liam stumbled across Modetro. This little shop down in Brighton is all about Modern Vintage and Retro homewares. And it ships. And it had exactly what we were looking for (along with quite a few other things). What’s even better is this little lass (No. 2645) turned up today. Exactly two days after we ordered her, with a lovely little note and a sweet surprise (that’s why she’s a girl). Having had a pretty intense day at work, I needed to do some drilling. Two screws later, she’s already up and being put to use.

The height is the perfect size for even my tallest haircare bottles, and the three compartments mean Liam and I have one each, plus a third for shared shower stuff like soap and shampoo. The shelf on top is wide enough for both of my hairbrushes and makeup bags. And the little hooks are useful for hanging small things we’re about to change into rather than tossing them on the floor. I like that the base is open, so water doesn’t collect. Instead, things will air dry very easily. All in all, pretty perfect if you ask us.

Our little chevron basket is much happier holding extra towels and the hair dryer (still under the sink for now).

And that’s freed up space in the chest where we’re storing linens. We still have a lot to do even before ‘Makeover A’ is done. That includes mounting two more shelves – a little one above the sink to hold our toothbrushes, and one above the door to hold extra toilet paper along with a few fun things. I remain on the hunt for the perfect long patterned shower curtain. And we’d like to swap out the cream heated towel rack for a smaller stainless steel one. Oh – and the grouting, which we’ll tackle over Christmas break. But for tonight, we’re happy that we no longer have to play ‘find the product’ every morning.

With all our stuff on display for the world to see, it’s made me realise I want to start buying some everyday products with prettier packaging. I splurge on things like face care every six months (I’m an Eve Lom devotee in the summer, and swap to something gentler in the winter) but we often pick up whatever is on offer for everyday. So a few of these might end up in my shopping basket in the next few weeks as a nice bit of eye candy.

So we’re one step closer to normalcy (close yet still so far), and we have a new favourite online source for fun industrial things. Be sure to head over to their website – there’s loads of stuff to browse and we were thrilled with the service. Thanks guys! 🙂


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