Just another manic Sunday

Hello all. No I’ve not forgotten you. This was simply the last weekend I have committed manpower (Liam) in the flat before December, so I made the most of it. Next weekend he’s off with the boys so I’m planning a full-on project-filled few days (with a bit of fun in between of course). But as for this weekend, we’ve been manically trying to cross things off our list. And we succeeded, to some extent.

Back room is scrubbed, filled and ready to say goodbye to its neon orange self. Pictures have been moved around and hung straight (I must have lopsided balance because everything that looks straight to me turns out to be a bit crooked.) Plus we’ve added a few new prints to our bedroom. We’ve figured out where the new rocking chair will live, picked out some storage, planned our curtains, ordered our coffee table from BoConcept, swapped some furniture around to improve the space, rid ourselves of a few more boxes, and picked out some more art for the walls. (Update coming this week)

Our favourite accomplishment – we finally found a rug for the front room. We were happy, but oddly the cats were happier! They couldn’t stop lounging on it all day.

Proper update to come this week, along with our very exciting storage find. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with photos of the new rug, and a hint of some art we have planned for the front room. Hope everyone had a nice and productive weekend!





2 thoughts on “Just another manic Sunday

  1. You and I definitely are related! I cannot hang a picture straight and have started using a level instead of walking back and forth trying to get it right. So funny, no? Good luck covering the orange paint. You probably already know this, but primer will help cover and keep the orange from bleeding through or just shadowing through. I’ve heard of people painting 7 to 8 times because they didn’t prime over red. Will it be painted white as well?

    1. White for now, but we might do something fun later. We’re definitely priming – did in the bathroom and our bedroom as well just to make sure we don’t get too much carry over.

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