Number 57, Brockley

This weekend I was running our new Anthony Burrill print to the local framers and stumbled across the latest addition to our little neighbourhood – Number 57. A workshop and gallery, it will be a nice creative hub just up the road. The last week of every month, the space will showcase a London artist, and the rest of the time will feature classes on woodworking, quilting, food and other crafts. I can’t wait for the woodworking class to start – I will certainly be signing up.

Upcoming Events at Number 57
Upcoming Events at Number 57

This week the space is featuring the work of Michael Brown an abstract artist based in Hackney who has shown his work all over the world. The entire reason I walked into the gallery in the first place was because of this painting (Abstract Science 1) hanging on the back wall. Liam and I are both huge fans of abstract expressionist art.  Pollock is one of our favourites, but I also love the work of de Kooning and Gorky. I’ve already told Liam this might need to be a Christmas, birthday and next-five-years-of-my-life present, as I think it would be perfect above our couch and I’m completely obsessed with everything from the shape to the colour to the size. We’ll see if I luck out.

The place will be busy over the next few weeks with a Christmas Wreath Making workshop, Christmas Card Making, Supperclub, and a Christmas market. To see the full list of events, just head to their website here. Maybe see some of you other local writers there in the coming weeks!


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