Today I spent about four hours trying to donate my two-seater couch and big comfy armchair.



They’re not the right size or shape for our new place and we have a new one on the way – hopefully set to arrive in time for Christmas. I’d arranged for one of the UK’s leading charities to come and collect them. They turned up this morning and decided not to take them because the cats have done minor damage along the base and corners. Nothing fully ripped – just a few snags here and there. Basic wear and tear, and still in far better condition than I normally see in a charity shop. The rest of both pieces are in nearly perfect condition and are only two years old. I was a bit taken aback but figured I would find a new home in a snap. Not the case.

I started by stopping by our local animal charity to see if they were interested, and they didn’t have the space. Then onto our local salvage shop, who also are bursting at the seams and declining anything further until they shift some stock. A call to our local church directed me to a mission, who also are declining any further furniture til after Christmas. They pointed me in the direction of a final charity who begrudgingly accepted my offer with the caveat that the drivers might also decide not to take them if they think there’s too much damage. I was incredulous. We bought these brand new two years ago, and minus tiny claws have taken very good care of them. I resented the idea that they might end up in an already-overflowing junkyard. I don’t love waste or the idea that we’re getting rid of them in the first place, and had genuinely hoped they’d go to a good home.

One ad on Gumtree, and suddenly I had an onslaught of messages. I’ve finally got one taker and one back-up and have even mailed photos of the damage, just to check that they’re happy. They are, and in stark contrast to the organisations I spoke with earlier, are thrilled to have a new John Lewis set turning up for the cost of borrowing a van.

So turns out that Gumtree will be my mode of disposal moving forward and sadly, I’ll probably pass on all the charities I’ve approached who have been a bit difficult about what they will and won’t take.

Has anyone else had such a hard time getting rid of furniture? How did you deal with it?


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  1. The charities here are rather picky as well. We ended up giving our loveseat to a co-worker of Paula who needed one.

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