Heal’s Spring 2014 Press Show

Today made me wish I were a full time blogger. I was kindly invited to the Heal’s Spring Press Show, but sadly couldn’t make it because of the pre-Christmas crunch at my day job. Luckily the team were nice enough to send the materials my way so here’s a little sneak peak of what’s in store (and online – for their website, click here) from January.  There are some great clever pieces in this collection – especially the new Urban Living range.  So let’s start off with that.

Heal’s have partnered up with designer Rob Scarlett to help us urban dwellers make better use of our small spaces. Taking inspiration from the Heal’s archives, The Brunel collection looks to help us work with what we’ve got in a seriously stylish way. From multi-functional pieces to streamlined industrial styles, everything could turn up in my front room tomorrow and I’d be one very excited girl. I especially love the mirror and the bench that seconds as an occasional table.

The Brunel Collection at Heal's
The Brunel Collection at Heal’s

Next up, the colour that has been creeping into Pinterest pages and interiors magazines – pink. While this probably isn’t for everyone, I am amazed at how soft, warm and welcoming the colour looks when used in the right way. It’s making me think about how I could include small doses of this in my daily life. Perhaps a small vase, some flowers or a big cuddly throw. It would contrast really nicely with the greys that we have in our place at the moment.

Pink and Rosy
Pink and Rosy

Swiftly moving on – lighting continues to be a huge focus for the team, following the launch of the gorgeous new showroom. But there are loads of new styles and designers arriving this spring. From warehouse chic to vintage street signs to mid-century modernised, the collection has just gotten a whole lot bigger.

Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 19.06.55 Screen shot 2013-12-05 at 19.07.23

Finally (I’ve saved the best for last!), from the 3rd – 16th February, Heal’s will be hosting a Modern Craft Market in their Tottenham Court Road store. It will feature emerging names in crafts and collectibles – everything from china to furniture to lighting with prices starting from £30. I will definitely be stopping by to see who they’ve got their eye on, and whether I can pick up something special.

The sheer diversity and boldness of their new collection has impressed me yet again. It’s one of the reasons this shop remains one of my favourites in London, and an absolute go-to for the latest in design. Even if you can’t visit, hopefully this gives you a great idea of what’s in store for 2014.


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