Another 48 Hour DIY Marathon

I thought about titling this post ‘Bring on Christmas’ but decided my over-excitement made little sense to anyone other than us. After a solid weekend of priming, painting, shelf hanging, sofa maneuvering, cleaning, and a small shopping binge, we finally have a guest room that is worthy of hosting guests. Sadly, our living room is now in a bit of a funny state, but I’ll come back to that. Hopefully everything will fall into place by Christmas.

So just a quick recap – we started with this:

DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0018

Ancient, dirty wallpaper that was peeling everywhere we looked. It had to go. But I don’t think we quite knew just how much work was ahead of us.

At it’s worst, the room looked like this:



Yep, under two layers of painted wallpaper (which were plenty difficult to get off until we got a steamer), we had clementine orange walls with LOTS of holes waiting to greet us.

Cut a long story short, the final room, pre-furniture now looks like this:



You’ll have to wait until the weekend to see the finished room, as I haven’t been able to snap any photos in daylight. As soon as we finished our marathon, we crawled into bed and slept. And before we knew it, we were straight back to the day jobs.


In breaking news, I was cozily curled up in bed writing this blog when all of a sudden, it sounded like the neighbours upstairs spilled a thousand marbles across the floor. A minute later, a long stream of water flowed through the light in our bedroom and straight onto the bed. And the laptop. And the digital camera. And it didn’t stop. A pipe broke upstairs and an emergency plumber is here now sorting it all. Needless to say, perhaps we aren’t as ready for Christmas as I thought….

More to come, but now I’m off to deal with a very soggy mattress. Luckily it and a big bucket caught all the water, so the entire room isn’t soaked. Looks like we’ll be trying out the guest bed ourselves tonight.  Thank god we finished it all at the weekend… will report back. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Another 48 Hour DIY Marathon

  1. I hope the building manager has a reputable plumber check all the pipes so this doesn’t keep happening. All in all, your reaction was much better than mine would have been. Love you, hope things turn out ok. For the mattress, maybe a water vac would help.

  2. ps: the guest room looks spectacular!

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