The Final Countdown

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that our run up to Christmas has been a hard one. Lots of amazing weddings, birthdays, work, and general holiday prep, plus trying to make sure our new home is somewhat presentable when Liam’s parents come to town. Which has meant we’ve spent every spare moment (when maybe we should’ve been sleeping or having one last glass of wine with friends) fitting in a project. But with every success, we’ve had an equal number of unexpected hiccups to keep us on our already-tired toes. I thought I’d do a quick rundown because now that it’s nearly passed, I can almost laugh about it. I’ve also found it cathartic to read about other people’s mishaps, so thought I would share the ones we’ve had along the way.

We finally found a sofa that we thought would perfectly fit into the living room. Our little two-seater was too small for the big long wall and we wanted a good place to chill out at the end of the day. We were all set to wait until after Christmas to place the order, but one day Liam noticed that the style and colour we’d been eyeing for months was available to be delivered in five days. This was the beginning of December, so we excitedly hit the button and made plans to get rid of our couch. Two days later, we received an email confirming our delivery for the 5th of January. Already sofa-less, we called the company to ask what on earth had happened, and to see what could be done. As it turns out, a glitch on their website had shown both colours (dark brown and charcoal grey) to be in stock when really, it was only the brown one that was available. We thought about cancelling the order but stuck with it after we were given money back and the promise that they would do everything possible to deliver before Christmas. As of today, it’s arrived at the dispatch centre but we’ll know more tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we’d also found and ordered a coffee table from BoConcept to match our dining table (white top, brushed steel legs). The delivery arrived in perfect time, but as the deliverymen were assembling it, they managed to use the wrong screws and puncture the pristine top in three places. The poor guy looked as if he were about to cry of embarrassment. I was just glad to know that even professionals screw up sometimes. A replacement part was ordered the same day, but it’s being shipped from Denmark. Bets are on to see whether it makes it in time.

After all of that, our living room is down a sofa and currently features a brand new, but already damaged coffee table. So while we waited for our karma to turn we thought we’d stop with the front room and at least focus on getting the bedroom and the spare room in working order. We were feeling very smug about our bedroom after a furniture shuffle and hanging some more art. Then, three days later, a pipe broke in the apartment upstairs and water ran into the room via our pendant lamp for almost an hour. The good news is I was home (literally directly beneath the water’s path, all tucked up in bed) so we caught it immediately and escaped with no water damage, an intact light once it’d dried out, perfectly fine electrics and a completely dry mattress by the next morning (thank goodness for memory foam). BUT my amazing little Nikon took the hit, and we have to get it replaced. All in all, we’re counting ourselves lucky.

Curtains are up in all the rooms, as is some art (a post on the latest additions to come) and we managed a mince pie fuelled deep clean before we headed to a wedding yesterday. All that remains is buying a Christmas tree, getting some decorations up, and sweet-talking the universe into our missing / maimed furniture being sorted before the 24th.

All the hard work has definitely left us exhausted. Liam’s had a cross-fit injury that’s left him with a very sore leg and ripped up hands, and I’m generally feeling like I could take inspiration from Daisy and dive into a very long winter’s nap.

Lazy Daisy

One hiccup-free project was our art and photo wall in the hallway. It was so nice to go back through wedding photos, travel momentos, and things we’ve kept over the years to decide what would make the cut. I decided not to hang everything in perfect lines so that we can continue adding to it over the next few years. The consistent thread tying it all together will be the black frames and white mattes. It makes me happy, and feeling like perhaps we really are ‘home’, not just living in a project. In the immediate future, I think it needs at least ten more frames, and I want to swap out a lot of the photos of us for family and friends, but for now it’s enough of a small victory to keep me going.

Photo Wall

So that’s it for this weekend, but I’d love to hear how everyone else is handling the run up to the holidays. Are you hosting family? Any last chores you want to finish before the 24th? Any mishaps along the way? Fingers crossed everyone else’s December is running smoothly.


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