100 and Counting…

For my 100th post (not quite sure how that happened so quickly) I thought I would talk a bit about my personal style and show how it’s influenced the way we’ve decorated our home. I find it interesting that people often separate ‘fashion’ style and ‘home’ style – for us, the two overlap and our interiors take strong inspiration from our daily lives, our friends and family, and our experiences. This was actually the original inspiration for the blog, so it feels fitting that it’s what I write about now.

First off – pattern. Liam and I are both definite urban dwellers. When we escape to the countryside we appreciate it, but love being back amongst the energy, colour and noise of a city. So while some might enjoy surrounding themselves with florals and touches of the countryside, we both gravitate towards graphic patterns that have an edge and rhythm to them. They make their way into our clothes, our textiles, and even the doodles we scrawl across our notebooks when we’re ‘listening’ or thinking.


Second, grey. Warm, cosy, and reminiscent of the best hoodie (that’s sweatshirt for all my American readers) you’ve ever owned. If Alexander Wang ever made a home textiles line, I would probably buy stock in it or beg to work on it. With all the noise of the city that we so love, we do need a comfy place to retreat to at the end of the day. So until AW decides start making big cosy things for me to cuddle up in, we’ve focused on using warm greys combined with pops of colour to soften our stark white walls. With that, we’ve added lots of soft blankets and a big comfy couch that we can both sprawl out on.


To mix up our cosy vibe and keep things interesting, I love playing with different textures. Rough wool next to slick white wood. Steel with wooden floors. Tweed pillows on reclaimed chairs. Painted iron next to soft linens. Basically masculine grounding with a bit of femininity added to keep it from feeling like a bachelor pad. This is a close up of my winter coat. The cut is classic pea coat, but with no collar and a bit of leather around the open neck that makes it just different enough. For me, this type of contrast is vital to keep things from feeling one-dimensional or our home from turning into a pastiche.


Next up, typography as art. Liam and I are both big readers, and we actually studied English Language and Literature at university. Combine ‘words’ with the gorgeous textures that can be achieved with screen printing or calligraphy, and we’re smitten. Make it oversized and feature a good saying like this print we bought from Anthony Burrill, and suddenly you have one of our favourite pieces in the house.


For the same reason as above, we have all our books on display. I love the texture and colour they give, as well as the character. From vintage to modern classics, business books to design and travel, each has a home on our giant bookcase and almost serves as completely personalised wallpaper. It reflects things we’ve learned and thought about over the years, and is an evolving collection of our interests.


Moving from words to pictures, those who grew up with me know photography has always been a hobby of mine. I have hundreds of photos tucked away in boxes, numerous albums, and thousands more stored on various computers, phones and social media sites. As we settle into our home I’ll definitely be adding a mix of new and old pictures of our family and friends that I’ve taken over the years. I love the casual way that people are using washi tape to display different pictures. Once our kitchen is finished, I have plans to turn our fridge into one big photo board. Until then, the wall will have to do.

Photo featuring a home in Christiane Lemieux's book, UnDecorate
Photo from Christiane Lemieux’s book, UnDecorate


If you hadn’t already noticed, Scandinavian and industrial design certainly suits both our tastes. Actually, I think our dream home would be a giant warehouse conversion in London Bridge filled with a mix of mid-century furniture and some modern pieces. Complete with original brick walls and giant iron-framed windows. (Drool) Until we win the lottery, we have to find clever ways to bring this aesthetic into our Victorian conversion, like these giant pendants in our front room that make the most of our high ceilings. Or the oversized Newgate clock that hangs over the tv. It may not work in every home or suit everyone’s tastes, but simple masculine lines that evoke a warehouse conversion are perfect for us.



When we first moved in together, we took ourselves quite seriously and ended up buying a lot of formal pieces for our home that never really felt like ‘us’. Now that we’ve settled into ourselves and grown a bit more confident, we’ve taken inspiration from designers like Marc Jacobs and included lots of little things in our home that give it a bit of character, colour and hopefully make visitors smile. Life is too short to be taken seriously all the time.


Finally, we both love London, and music. So when we were looking for smart decoration to fill our spare room, we decided to frame a series of iconic London-based album covers. We’ve got four at the moment – all of which also feature music that we love. We’re looking to add another four in the new year and might even move this theme into the kitchen once it’s finished.



So there you go – a little glimpse into how our daily lives, where we live, our taste in fashion and even music has influenced the way we’ve put together our home. We try to make everything we do feel warm, welcoming and personal rather than formal and hopefully we’ve achieved that. I’d love to know if you do the same when decorating a room, or if there’s something else (colour? magazine? a piece of art?) that inspires you when you’re staring at four blank walls.

Thanks for popping by and reading. It’s been a fun start, and I’m looking forward to writing the next 100 posts!


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