Sunday Wrap: Apartment Therapy January Cure

I hope everyone has stayed dry and warm this weekend! I know the east coast of the US had a huge snow storm, the midwest was VERY cold, and most of the UK was battered with wind and very cold rain. So all the bad weather was a good excuse to stay inside and finish a few final projects before we head back to work.

We managed to cross a lot of things off our ‘cure’ list. First, fresh flowers. Instead of buying a fresh bunch every weekend and throwing old ones out, I thought I’d use each week to add a living plant to the home that will hopefully last until spring, when we can move them into planters outside our bay windows. Finding plants that are non-toxic to cats and also hardy enough to live indoors is a little tricky, but it turns out that roses are a good place to start. So we picked up this mini rose bush in a gorgeous bright orange (I’m noticing that this color keeps appearing in our home – maybe we should’ve kept the bright orange walls in our back room after all…). I need to buy new indoor planters for this project, but for now I’ve just popped him in a teapot and settled him on the table. Ollie’s had a few nibbles but the leaves are a bit spiky, so he’s already learned to look and not eat.

Next up, finishing our photo wall. Liam and I took our annual trip to the Tate Modern (by annual, I mean we probably stop by here every three months, and at least once when we’re on holiday). It’s about 20 minutes from our house and we love the building, the walk from Borough market with a Monmouth coffee along the Thames, and of course the collection inside which seems to feature new pieces every time we stop back. We popped into the gift shop, where they were running a post-Christmas sale on prints and cards. We ended up finding about ten new pieces that we wanted to mix into the flat. Some are famous pieces, but others are one-off commissions from local artists. So our Friday night was spent with a bottle of wine, every single piece of art off the walls, frames, a drill and some screws. Now that we’ve moved everything around I think we finally have the mix right in each of the rooms. And I love that the photo (art?) wall now stretches from the front to the rear of the hallway.

There’s definitely a London theme working it’s way into our flat. From graphic text to iconic images of the city’s landmarks, and our London albums in the spare room, I love including little nods to this amazing city in our decor. It won’t dominate everything we do from here forward (no Union Jack or City of London pillows, for instance), but is nice to have in the mix.

Final big chore was finishing off the grouting in the bathroom. Now that it’s done, I still think it’s a horrid job and am in no hurry to repeat it, but it’s made such a difference to how clean the room feels. In fact, it’s now so white in there that we’re thinking this might be one of the first rooms we decide to paint a color. I’ll let you know what we decide, but don’t be surprised if a yellow, coral or bright blue wall suddenly appears one of these weekends.

Of course we tackled the deep clean as well, and have added some Neal’s Yard products to our ‘clean cleaners’ (we already use Method and I’m now a white vinegar convert). I’ll come back and do a post on Neal’s Yard in the next few weeks.

We’re off to enjoy our nice clean flat with a film and some hardy stew for dinner. What did you guys get up to? Any last minute projects before January gets well and truly underway? Anyone else doing the January Cure? If you are, pop the link into comments below. I’d love to see your progress too!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Wrap: Apartment Therapy January Cure

  1. Simply put, I love your dining room area, the curtains are perfect with the blue chairs and white table, and now the red rose bush adds that little bit of color. It would be lovely to sit there and look out the window while enjoying tea or a meal. Well done-great job. The bath looks spectacular, and the new curtain is really a nice design. I thought of a project that might be interesting when you need to replace this curtain. Plain white curtain, black waterproof paint and small brush like for lettering, and a Japanese word or two to paint on it in large size. The really big impact on your new home happens when you walk in the door and see all those prints which takes your eye down the hall to the window and rocking chair in the family room/reading room. I did read the January Cure and then got lost on one of the adjoining sites. I love the idea of buying live flowering plants to put in the yard at Spring. Geraniums grow well inside as well as outside. If you bring them in after Summer be sure to isolate them for a bit to get rid of spiders or gnats that live in any outdoor plants. I have done this by setting them for several weeks in a clear plastic bag and tying it off. It works like a terrarium which is healthy for the plants. I have had some for many years bringing them in. So, in general terms, WOW to you and your new home!

  2. Love the rose, the curtains, and the photo wall! Hope you had a wonderful break and good luck going back to work!

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