Introducing Art of Sport

Today, my husband sent through an email titled ‘We need this for our home!’ and the website link enclosed was to I don’t mind sports, but don’t live to watch them. I’m happy to nap with a game on in the background and love going to live matches, but definitely can’t spend my weekend in front of a television. So when I saw the link, I switched into skeptical wife mode and was worried about what I would find when I clicked through. Action photography, signed balls, or perhaps some reference to the last time they won the Premier League. These would be very out of character for Liam to suggest, but I thought maybe this was going to be the weak spot in his otherwise solid taste. As it turns out, I was VERY wrong. There are two designers in San Francisco who share his love for football, and have created pieces that I think most people – sport lovers or not – would be more than happy to have on their walls.

For instance, my husband supports the Sunderland Black Cats:

Sunderland Black Cats at
Sunderland Black Cats at

The print is spot on – full of character and only those who know would get the reference.

Aston Villa features the colours of the jersey.

Photos courtesy of
Photos courtesy of

Crystal Palace Football Club is a gorgeous illustration of Crystal Palace in South East London.

Photos courtesy of
Photos courtesy of

I’m actually annoyed I didn’t find the site myself, as it would’ve been the perfect 30th birthday gift to surprise Liam with. If you want to make a sports fan in your home very happy but don’t want to mount jerseys on your wall, I would head to this site. The collection spans a range of professional American football, British and Spanish football (soccer), and even baseball teams. I’m tempted to buy a load of them anyways, simply because I love the style and the references to some of my favourite American cities. The one team I did grow up supporting is perfectly pitched as well – see if you can guess what it is:



6 thoughts on “Introducing Art of Sport

  1. ok, I looked it up and still don’t get what team it represents. The colors don’t match the school in Evanston or Fullerton or the city teams…what am I missing?????and it isn’t the school Les and I support or home town ones???????lol good one on me, no?

    1. I do like the art work, however.

  2. Chicago Cubs – the Ivy wall at the stadium. 🙂 Love the subtlety of it!

  3. Ok, I understand it now. That is a bit too subtle for me, so it is like an inside joke. lol on me

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