January Cure Weekly Update

I decided rather than dedicate this blog completely to Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, I’d do one post a week to update you on our progress. We’ve actually managed to cross quite a few things off our list, and of course are keeping up with the weekly tasks as well. The house is definitely feeling a lot more like home! A clean, organised one too. And I’ve managed to keep the rose bush alive for a week, so perhaps there’s still hope for my gardening skills.


  • Complete photo wall so that it runs all the way back to the guest room
  • Find a bright and colorful runner for the floor (buy in February)
  • Create a landing dock – ideally with charging stations so that we can finally leave our phones out of the bedroom
  • Hoover welcome mat

Living Room:

  • Re-organise and dust bookcase – especially relocating keys, etc to the new landing dock
  • Move around the art – now that the sofa has arrived, things feel out of balance
  • Discard and replace candles that are finished
  • Mop / polish wood floors
  • Find throw pillows for the new sofa (another February purchase)
  • Find a new seasonal decoration to fill the bowl on the coffee table, and the centre of the dining table


  • Hoover under the bed. With two Norwegian Forest Cats, fur gets EVERYWHERE. Even though we already vacuum twice a week, it’s time for a deep clean.
  • Wash the linens that are folded in Ollie’s basket. They are also covered in fur.
  • Update photo – we’ve actually done a lot to this room already, I just haven’t shared it here. So time to rectify that (have a look below)


  • Finish grouting the tiles
  • Smooth out plaster
  • Mop floors
  • Get rid of products that are out of date; store products that are only used rarely
  • Find art (this is the one room that doesn’t have anything in it yet)

Spare Room:

  • Replace plastic boxes on our shelving unit with pretty storage containers (and take photo to show before and after)
  • Donate plastic cat carriers to the rescue home down the road and replace with collapsable ones that stow away
  • Find some fun things to put on the shelves
  • Buy four more LPs and frames to add to the wall
  • Replace bare bulb with the Hector pendant light (or get someone to come out and do it)


  • Deep clean

This weekend will be all about finding a cabinet for the hallway so that I can create our landing dock. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few photos of the bedroom now that we’ve moved art and furniture around. My new favourite thing is the Ikea Trendig cabinet we picked up a few months ago. It’s meant to be used for dining room storage, but makes a pretty perfect mini wardrobe! I especially love the pop or orange, which perfectly matches our bright duvet.


DSC_0044 DSC_0038 DSC_0035 DSC_0026 Live-Style.co.uk

Now that the room is feeling finished, we love crawling into bed after a long day. What have you guys been up to? Anyone kicking off 2014 with a massive project?


1 thought on “January Cure Weekly Update

  1. Love the orange color! The cabinet is almost oriental, right? It is a lovely room and very comfy. Just a note about clothing next to a window. Daylight/sunlight will fade the shoulders of clothing very quickly. You may want to have some sort of throw over the rack during the day to avoid this, or a sheer to filter the light.

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