Introducing Oliver Robinson of Innes Design

If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know how much I love a bit of colour. So when I stumbled across Oliver Robinson, the man behind Innes Design, I knew I had to share his bold, clever and playful work with you. His furniture is currently on display at the Barbican (one of London’s best creative hubs) and is also available on his website (

Without further ado, I’m happy to introduce one of the latest furniture designers in East London. Enjoy!

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Q: What made you decide to start designing furniture? 
After studying Fine Art, with a specialism in Sculpture at Goldsmiths University, I needed furniture for my flat. I was renting at the time but i always feel that the environment around you is so important. So I built a floating desk. A door blank sawn resting on some batons. Simple. But that got me thinking. What else could I do?
Q: How would you describe your style?
 My style combines clean lines juxtaposed with bold, bright blocks of colour, described as ‘straight out of the pot’. Something which my old Art teacher used to hate children doing. We mix colour to any specification now but I was originally drawn to prime colours.
My design process is very organic and probably the opposite of how a lot of large companies work. I sketch terribly! Thank god for computers. This is where I get a design perfected. Then I get in the workshop and start cutting up wood.
I try not to over work the design. I like to see the object first and decide what to do. Placing other colours and pieces of wood near by to get the balance just right, essentially “playing”. One word that resonates through a lot of art schools!
Q: What are your latest pieces? 
I have a few signature pieces I’m featuring at the moment, all which bring together design and high functionality. I work with hard wood – usually oak – and deliver bright pops of colour through hand-painted wood inserts or brightly sprayed MRMDF – all handmade in my East London studio. Each piece is customisable, and available in a wide range of colours and wood choices.
Desk (commissioned for Mary Mary Gallery) by Innes Design
Desk (commissioned for Mary Mary Gallery) by Innes Design
The Duke by Innes Design
The Duke by Innes Design
The Shakespeare by Innes Design
The Shakespeare by Innes Design
The Greyhound by Innes Design
The Greyhound by Innes Design
The Bull by Innes Design
The Bull by Innes Design

Thanks for taking time to share your work Oliver! I’m personally loving The Shakespeare and the proud little Duke.

To see more, or get in touch with Oliver directly, head over to his website ( or drop into The Barbican (

Thanks for stopping by – wishing everyone a great weekend!


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  1. Really like the style. I like that you see through it for a light airy look. They look very functional as well as hip. Is any available in the US?

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