Kitchen Update

We’ve finally gotten so tired of looking at our crazy crack-den of a kitchen that we tracked down some builders, decided where we want to buy our units from, and even selected the style. We’re in the process of getting people to give us quotes, and will decide when we want to hit the button once we know exactly how much everything will cost. Here’s a quick rundown of our decisions:

Howden’s – we decided to invest a bit extra and buy our units from Howdens even though Ikea gets very good ratings on Which?. For those of you outside the UK, Howdens is a company that specialises in kitchens, bathrooms and joinery (think doors, flooring, handles, etc) and works exclusively with the trade. However they will recommend builders to people like us who like their style, quality, and want to work with them. A few of our friends have had great experiences with them, the kitchen units themselves come with a good guarantee, there are lots of elements to mix and match so the kitchen isn’t just ‘off the shelf’, we can buy all our appliances and worktops in the same spot, and all their pieces are manufactured in the UK. Nice to know that we’re giving a little boost to a local builder and the home economy!

Style – Greenwich White Smooth:


The units on the left give you an idea of the style, but we’ll definitely be putting our own twist on the range. But first, a little on our thinking behind this decision. Since our kitchen is just off our living room, we want to make sure the units we choose will be in keeping with the sleek industrial style we’ve already introduced to the space. Plus, we don’t want anything that will feel too dark or overbearing. We also don’t want the entire room to be white and brushed steel, so we’ll be introducing some colour through the wall behind the breakfast bar we’re planning, and a lot of the accessories we’re using to decorate. The jury is still out on the colour, but I’ll let you know when we decide. The countertops will be hardwood stained to match our hardwood floors. And the appliances will be hidden away, except for the oven and stove, just to keep things nice and streamlined. We’ll be mixing open shelving with fully hidden cabinets to give a bit of personality to the room and break up what could otherwise turn into a whitewash. And we chose soft white instead of high gloss because we believe this will be a bit more durable and feel a bit more timeless in the long run. The worst thing ever is a big scratch in a high gloss finish – the eye goes straight to it. 

So far our interaction with Howdens has been brilliant (the guys in the showroom were super helpful and we left with a whole list of builders to get in touch with), and we are really excited to get things moving. I’ll be sure to share our final design and the detail of next plans as soon as we have it. 

Anyone else about to kick off a massive kitchen project? It’s our first, and we’re definitely daunted by the task, but know the few weeks of dust and pain will be worth it. 


1 thought on “Kitchen Update

  1. I love that kitchen bar with the wine storage at each end. What a great idea! Also I can see the wall on the left in your kitchen. The sleek cabinets and counters matching your floors is also a cohesive plan/design. I wonder…will tangerine show up again…lol

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