Life Update

Happy Sunday to everyone! So as you’ve noticed, posts have been pretty sporadic here. Work and life are partly to blame, but also the surprise news that Liam and I are expecting our first baby in October. So if I’ve not been at work or trying to keep some semblance of a respectable social life afloat, I’ve been fast, FAST asleep.

We’re 13 weeks along and had our first scan on Friday, which confirmed that everything is ok. It was mental to see the little one wiggling around (it’s either very camera shy or just very athletic) and I had no clue we would be able to see kidneys, liver, spine, 4 heart ventricles and even hands and feet so early into the pregnancy. Medical science is seriously amazing. So now that we know things are going well, we can start making plans.

First plan is that we are NOT buying loads of stuff pre-birth. Call me superstitious, but I can think of nothing worse than looking at a room full of baby things if something goes wrong. So our purchases will be the bare basics, and ordering things that have long lead times. Maybe this is a silly way to approach things, but it’s what makes us feel most comfortable.

Next up, our big item on the ‘to do’ list is getting our kitchen finished. I cannot imagine having a newborn and a massive renovation to deal with. So we’re pressing ahead on that front, and will be sure to update you once final plans are agreed. We’re in final negotiations at the moment.

With regards to the nursery, we’re kind of lucky that we both love colour so much. A few months back we replaced the black and white rug with this bright take on a braided rag rug from Habitat, and it will probably serve as our centrepiece for most of what we do moving forward. I love the texture and the colour palette – it just makes the room feel happy.  And ‘happy’ seems like a good place to start with a nursery!


The sofa bed will probably stay put, but the rocking chair from Loaf will need to find another spot, just to give us room for the crib and some drawers. Luckily the wall behind me as I’m taking this photo is now floor to ceiling shelving so we will be ok on storage once we clear a few more bits out.

Given we’re likely to either rent or sell this home in a few years to upgrade on space, we’re thinking we want to keep the walls white, and just baby it up with bedding, artwork, new throw pillows, etc. Stuff that’s easy to change. So no pink or blue walls. No massive painted-on murals. No circus wallpaper. It’s not really our style anyways. But I’ll keep you updated on what we decide, as the days move closer and nesting kicks in.  And I’ll be keeping my eye out for fun, non-permanent ways to add a bit of personality.

So that’s it. This blog will remain a home and design blog, with a little bit of baby mixed in every now and again. If there’s anything you’d like to see or hear more about, just drop me a line. In the meantime, here’s a 13 weeks shot with my nearly non-existant bump. And man, is it time to get my hair sorted out… my highlights have grown out so much that I’m unintentionally rocking the ‘ombre’ look.

13 weeks and counting...
13 weeks and counting…

4 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Hello! Can I ask – is the rocking chair from loaf comfortable?? Trying to do up my own nursery and not very keen on the look of the dedicated nursing chairs! Thanks in advance!! Tamara x

    1. It was very comfy! But I wouldn’t recommend it for a nursing chair as it’s quite a backwards leaning chair, so difficult to get out of gracefully while holding a sleeping baby. It also required a lot of room because it lays back so much. We had to get rid of it in the end, sadly. We currently have a vintage Ercol rocker in our nursery and love it. It’s more upright and wider so I still have plenty of room to snuggle with my one year old in it. Hope that helps!

      1. Very helpful, thank you. I was looking at the Ercol rockers but they are quite pricey new – may go on an ebay hunt for a vintage one! Many thanks!

      2. We found ours on eBay and are very happy with it! Good luck and enjoy decorating your little one’s room. Ours just turned one and we’re only just finishing it now!

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