One long weekend – two DIY projects

Long weekends in this house seem to mean a flurry of DIY-related activity – whether it’s planned or not! We woke last week to our drippy hallway radiator dripping even more than normal. It had rusted through the bottom and was releasing a glass of water an hour. So sadly we had no choice – it needed fixing. We trekked to the nearest hardware store and picked up a single radiator for the hallway. We opted for a single modern unit to maximise the space. As much as we loved the character of the ancient radiator that lived there, we wanted to gain back a few more inches to make moving pushchairs, furniture and little persons in and out of the room much easier in the years to come.

Removing the radiator wasn’t too difficult – just back breaking and messy. Luckily Liam is strong enough to lift, carry and hold the thing even when it’s still full of water. Me and my useless self just looked on and mopped up dirty water when I could. With the pipe capped off and the radiator removed, we set to installing the new one only to realise our drill wasn’t up to the task. Liam had to do a dash to a shop and invest in a heavy-duty power drill strong enough to tackle our cement wall. This was after three trips to the hardware store – one to buy everything the first time. A second to swap the first radiator we picked up (too small by 10cm) for the next size up. The third to pick up the brackets that were missing from our second radiator. Infuriating.

We eventually got it all installed, but couldn’t get rid of one final drip so we have a plumber coming out to check our (Liam’s) handiwork this Thursday. It’s amazing what you learn on YouTube, but we decided rather than risk a flood or disrupt our plumbing system it was a worthy investment to have someone come do a final check and figure out what’s causing the little leak. We’re also not 100% happy with the crazy angle of the pipes (like I mentioned, our old one was a long ways away from the wall) and are hoping that the plumber can either bring a wider bracket or adjust piping so that it’s a little less diagonal. But once it’s done (and I remember to take a photo in broad daylight) we’re really happy with how it will look.

In the meantime, we made another little change to the house – we updated the doorknobs on all our internal doors. The originals were literally hanging on by a thread, paint spattered and not really our style. Most of the doors also didn’t close properly because everything was out of line. So we picked up these subtle round nickel ones and made the swap. Nothing earth shattering, but a tiny detail that makes us much happier, and makes the flat feel much more polished.

Small details - new knobs
Small details – new knobs

Did anyone else get up to some sugar-filled DIY this weekend? Would love to see your progress!


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