The Weekly Crave

Since we announced the baby news, everyone has been asking me about my food cravings. Luckily I’ve not had many of the crazy ones (nope, no desire to eat pickles with peanut butter) but I’ve definitely noticed a random desire for foods I don’t eat often. Because in the back of my head, every extra unnecessary pound I pile on turns into one I will eventually need to get rid of again, I thought I’d channel my desire for  ice cream, avocados and Skittles into something more constructive. So I’d like to introduce a little segment I’m going to call ‘The Weekly Crave’ sharing things that I’m hankering after for our home.

To kick the series off, I’ll start with something small that always makes a huge difference to how our home feels – fresh flowers. And with my nose working overtime, I’m especially loving their gorgeous smell. So here are four fun arrangements from my pinterest page Flower Power. Head over there for some more floral inspiration.

1 2 3 4

And if you need any more reason to stop by the florist on the way home, apparently it’s been scientifically proven that having plants inside makes you happier, and your air cleaner. So enjoy!



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