Going Glossy

While magazines and newspapers are looking for new streams of revenue that will keep them in print, retailers have taken up the mantle and turned their buying and curation super-powers to content creation. Net-a-Porter and now, Skandium, have launched their own titles featuring lifestyle and design articles, and of course breathtaking shoots of the products and designers that they often carry (or will soon carry).

As someone with a pretty chronic love (ok, obsession) for magazines I’m glad to see that the thought leaders of culture and society aren’t just running towards digital or extinction, and that new voices are constantly coming to the table. I also like that the articles aren’t laced with the expected ‘buy this and your life will be perfect’ phrases. Instead, they are intelligent, informative and a new source of inspiration for the design community. I absolutely adore the aesthetic of Skandium so am really looking forward to learning about the history behind the designers they stock and sell.

If you want to check out the first edition of Skandium’s Newsprint, just follow this link

In the meantime, for some Wednesday eye candy, here’s one of my favourite shots from this issue. I especially love the gorgeous parquet floors and the subtle hints of gold – perfectly polished without being too ‘bling’.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.09.06

I’m heading off to NYC for a few days, so will be posting a special American-themed weekly crave from there. See you on the other side of the Atlantic!


2 thoughts on “Going Glossy

  1. I prefer to hold a book or magazine in my hands. Something special about it that you don’t get on a computer screen.

  2. I took the link: what a wonderful publication!

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